Mudslides Gone Wild!

If you’ve read ES for, oh, 30 seconds or so, you probably know that we like cooking with booze. And no one does it better than our own bakers royale, who has found not 1, not 2, but 4 ways (so far) to turn a mudslide cocktail into a delicious dessert. Let’s take a moment to say bravo. And yum.

1. Mudslide Cupcake

Chocolate cake plus buttercream frosting infused with homemande Bailey’s, chocolate and kahlua. Bet you’re sorry you said you were over cupcakes now, huh?

2. Mudslide Ice Cream Cake

Take that kahlua, chocolate and Bailey’s, infuse it into some ice cream, and shape it into a cake.

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Time for a Mudslide…on a Stick

Fall is almost here and with that we are letting up on the fruit in the Poptails-a bit. But what we are not letting up on is the booze.

Get your mixing hands ready for this mudslide with a twist. We went and added a banana in the mix. The sweetness of the banana neutralizes any tang the vanilla yogurt body may have, and adds a bit of creaminess to the mixture. While we were at it, we also threw in some grated chocolate for added flavor and texture.

There you have it, enjoy your Endless Simmer twist-up of the traditional mudslide, in a Poptail.

Mudslide Poptail

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Mudslide Ice Cream Cake

If you haven’t noticed, yes, we’re on a mission to carve booze into every conceivable dessert. And since our Poptails have been dominating the summer frozen treat scene here on ES, we’ve decided it was high time to couple booze with the other cold summer classic: ice cream. We’ve taken Kahlua and churned it into chocolate ice cream, and Bailey’s into vanilla ice cream, then combined the two for a cocktail ice cream cake with a crushed Oreo cookie crust.

Keep reading for details on this Mudslide Ice Cream Cake, and stay tuned for a few more boozy ice cream treats to come. Want to see a specific cocktail turned into an ice cream treat? Let us know in the comment section.


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