Top 10 Creepy Halloween Recipes

Is it just us, or do Halloween recipes get creepier and simultaneously more delicious every year? Halloween isn’t just about candy and Halloween costumes any more. Here are our top 10 favorite finds from around the web:

10. Bloody Eyeballs


Canary Girl shaped her olive-topped eyes out of ground chicken, but suggests you can also use ground pork (or ground whatever you like).

9. Witches’ Fingers


Las Vegas Food Adventures is baking these bloody (and yummy) almond-topped cookies.

8. Chicken Potpie with Crawling Hands


Woman’s Day deconstructs potpie, with some added body parts.

7. Mummy Dogs


My Little Corner of Savings has a recipe for these crescent roll and hot dog creations. The little mustard eyes are a nice touch.

6. Morning Mummys


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Our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Cakes

While we here at ES put most of our Halloween energy into thinking up weird food costumes, we’ve noticed in the past couple of years that our friends around the blogosphere and flickr-verse have been getting crazy creative with the cakes for this particular holiday season. Since you know we can’t bake to save our lives, let’s take a look at a few of the freakiest, loveliest cakes we’ve spied around the web.

10. Black Spider Wedding Cake


(Pag asa)

9. Zombie Fingers Cake

zombie fingers cake

(Dessert by Candy — includes full recipe)

8. Jack-o-Lantern Cake

jack-o-lantern cake

(Williams-Sonoma, where you can actually buy a $99 pan specifically for making this cake)

7. Vampire Bat Cake


(My Own Sweet Thyme — includes step-by-step instructions.)

6. Bloody Eyeballs Cake

bloody eyeballs cake


5. Mad Scientist Cake

mad scientist cake

(Don Buciak)

4. Cockroach Cake

cockroach cake


3. Zombie Cake

zombie cake


2. Kitty Litter Cake

kitty litter cake

(Cleverswine) (plus recipe here)

1. Bleeding Heart (and all the other organs, too) Cake

organs cake

(Do It Myself! — includes full instructions)

What other kinds of cakes are all you weirdos baking! Drop your links in the comments.

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