• What's Better Than Ice Cream Or Doughnuts?

    Ice Cream AND Doughnuts!

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  • It's Better in Black

    Old Fashioned Goes Dark

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  • Changing the World

    How to Make Cookies in a Waffle Iron

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  • 100 Ways of the Season

    100 Ways to Use Tomatoes

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  • Food Gone Wild!

    Best State Fair Foods

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Summer Cocktail O'Clock

Mango Ginger Margarita

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BBQ Bacon Apple Pork Explosion

With August wrapping up and summer temps finally giving us a little bit of relief, that hint of brisk in the air has me dreaming about curling up with winter-warming comfort foods. But it’s a mixed emotion, because that also means grilling season has almost come to a close. Nooooo! Just in time for Labor Day, here’s one last, very...

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cauliflower with golden nutmeg butter

Everything's Better with Butter

Mmmm… butter. Every cook knows that adding a bit of fat to a dish makes it fuller and more satisfying, and sure butter’s not exactly a health food, but as long as you use it wisely, I think you’re okay. It also depends on the type of butter you use. All butter is not created equal. For example, European butter....

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Michel Schlumberger Wine and Food Pairing | Sonoma Wine Country

Summer Food & Wine Pairings with Michel Schlumberger

I recently spent a GLORIOUS long weekend in Sonoma County, California. What was I doing there? WINE TASTING, obviously! I guess some people go to Sonoma to ride bikes or shop or something, but for me it’s 100% wine, 100% of the time. One of the many highlights I enjoyed on this Sonoma wine weekend was an afternoon at Michel-Schlumberger...

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The Tastes of August: Summer Salad Stuffed Poblano Peppers

At Endless Simmer we love to do all kinds of muddling, messing around, and wrapping in bacon, but the truth about food is that when you have perfect ingredients you barely need to do anything at all to them before eating. And that’s never more true than in the first week of August. Friends who were out of town this...

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Perfectly Seasoned:

Roasted Strawberries

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