Lucky Robot Austin Sushi

Food Porn of the Day: Sushi Rainbow

Lucky Robot Austin Sushi

Presenting the Voltron Roll: crab, shrimp, avocado, pickled cucumber & carrot, topped with tuna, salmon & yellowtail, and served with sesame, spicy mayo, and soy lemongrass glaze. Whew! The color of the fish is beautiful, and the soy lemongrass glaze is made in-house and is one of the better condiments I’ve put in my mouth. This is from Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen in Austin, TX.

Odd Duck Pork Banh Mi Buns

Food Porn of the Day: The Porkiest Belly

Odd Duck Pork Banh Mi Buns

Pork belly is definitely a thing these days. So much of a thing that I’m almost… dare I say… over it. (Gasp!) Every menu in Austin, and probably in the country, is full of the stuff. It takes a veeeery special pork belly to catch my eye these days. All that being said, the pork belly at Odd Duck in Austin does it. “It” being “catches my eye and makes me care about pig again.”

The above is Odd Duck’s pork belly banh mi buns, which I devoured at lunch a week-ish ago. The meat is perfectly prepared and intensely flavorful. Chewy, yet somehow also melts in your mouth. By the way, next time you’re in Austin? Go to Odd Duck. You won’t regret it.

Artsy Photo of the Day



Forget perfectly-crafted, crumb-less photoshopped sandwiches.

Now this is a SILF.

More on this sandwich.


Gelato World Tour

Food Porn of the Day: The Champion of All Gelatos

Gelato World Tour

The Gelato World Tour came to Austin this year! Everything I tasted was amazing, but the flavor I ended up voting for (everyone who tasted at the event was allowed to vote for their top pick) was the same flavor that won the North American tour here – Salted Pecan with Montmorency Tart Cherries & Tahitian Vanilla by James Coleridge and Salvatore Boccarossa of Bella Gelateria in Vancouver, Canada.

I can’t even explain HOW good this was. It was a really, really hot day in Austin so as soon as I was handed a cup of gelato it would start dripping out of its container and melting all over my hands, but I didn’t even care. Everything I tasted was sososo delectable, especially the champion pictured above. This gelato deserved to win – next time you’re in Vancouver, look these people up. (Or if you’re ever in the same city as a round of the Gelato World Tour – GO!)

Artsy Dumpster of the Day

photo (14)


Pretty sure this is not the proper way to dispose of excess batter.

Brooklyn, NY

Spicy Margaritas

Cinco De Mayo Party Prep = Solved

Like any tequila-loving citizen, we’re sure you’re busy planning your Cinco de Mayo party this week. Looking for last-minute food and drink recipes to wow your amigos? Look no further than our Endless Fiesta Pinterest board. Featuring the best of Endless Simmer and beyond, we’ve collected enough tasty ideas to fill a decade’s worth of cinco fiestas.

Endless Fiesta!


Spicy Margaritas

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