Burns my Bacon: Unscratchable Itch


I love my food processor.  In my opinion, it is one of thing things Every Kitchen Needs. My food processor is of the 9-cup Kitchenaid variety, and I use it at least twice a week, for everything from peanut sauce to pizza dough.  My life as a coleslaw maker was changed the day I first used the food processor to shred cabbage.  The fact that I could come up with three food processor-related previous posts off the top of my head should tell you something about my love for this ten-ton appliance.

Why, then, if everything else about it is so great, did they make it so freaking hard to clean?  Ugh.  It’s seriously enough to make a girl consider mixing her pizza dough by hand.

Just kidding.

But barely.

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2 thoughts on “Burns my Bacon: Unscratchable Itch

  1. Next time you buy new toothbrushes, run an old one through a cycle in the dishwasher. I always keep a toothbrush in my with my kitchen gadgets for cleaning all those little cracks and crevices. :)

  2. We have several of those at my work. I’ve found using those long bamboo skewers to get the blade parts clean work really well! ( I use them on our robo coup.)

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