Burns My Bacon: Chipolte vs Chipotle

Okay… as a society, we should be past this faux pas by now. (Note: this is a sign in one of the best seafood restaurants/markets in central Texas.)


There’s a national chain called Chipotle.

Chipotle flavored and infused condiments and sauces can be found on all sorts of menus.

For the love of all things delicious, Jack in the Box even made a commercial focused on this very topic years ago!

It’s not some exotic, indecipherable foreign word at this point.

And yet… and YET…

CHIPOLTE! It’s everywhere! Why can’t people spell or say the name of this smoky, sweet pepper? It’s borderline insulting at this point. If I want to get really depressed, I just check out the hashtag #chipolte on Twitter because there’s always tons of results. What gives? How can we educate everyone without sounding snobby? Is there even such a thing as a chipotle snob? Should I just give up on life and stop caring about things like this? So many questions, yet no answers.

Chipolte. Sigh.

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  • Andrea April 10, 2013  

    I feel your pain!
    There are so many words like that, Chipotle being one of them! I don’t profess to be the world’s leading expert on grammar or anything, but C’MON PEOPLE!
    …another thing that bugs me is people using “seen” improperly as in “I seen that movie” and ones that get upset when you use you’re and your improperly but use it themselves every time. And don’t get me started on there and their…

    *Supportive hug!

  • Chris at Hye Thyme Cafe April 12, 2013  

    These are probably the same people who drive me crazy saying nucular instead of nuclear.

  • Proud 'merican January 19, 2014  

    I’ll stop saying chipolte and start saying chipotle as soon as latin Americans stop saying esteak and start saying steak!

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