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Fake Plastic Mason Jars

Okay, what… is this? I know that mason jars are ultra-popular right now, and I support it. Full disclosure: I’m actually drinking some juice out of a mason jar right now as I write this. I swear it was unintentional. At least I live in the south, which I feel makes my mason jar drinking somewhat authentic?

Anyway, whatever. They’re good to use for drinking when you have a lot of liquid that you want to drink out of a wide-mouthed glass receptacle. Some people think they’re too hipster and some people don’t. All this is fine, and I don’t really care. But as I said in the beginning: what… IS THIS?!

Plastic Mason Jars 2

Now mason jars are so popular that we can’t even take the time to buy real ones, we need to stock up on plastic ones in the beverage aisle at the grocery store? Here’s a secret: you can pick up mason jars and other “vintage” looking canning gear of all shapes and sizes for about $2-4 at your local craft store or kitchen goods shop. You do NOT need to be spending $10 on one plastic jug with a built-in straw. Yeah, they advertise that they’re BPA-free, but guess what, SO IS GLASS, which is what the original jars are made out of.

Plastic Mason Jars 1

Look at these ones. Complete with fake metal lid. So stylish. So perfect for your picnic. Much better than the original glass. Probably worth the $10. Everything I just typed in this paragraph has been sarcastic. The only reason I could see someone needing one of these is if they planned on drinking so much booze out of a mason jar that they’re afraid they’d drop a glass one and shatter it everywhere, but even then, dude, just drink out of a normal keg cup like the rest of us.


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  • However… Redneck Glassware is the best thing ever. Mason jar + glass candle stick = wine glass. SO GOOD.

  • Rhonda May 23, 2013  

    what store did you find the fake plastic mason jars? I have looked and can’t find them. (I have young nieces and don’t trust them to drink out of glass yet)

  • Maureen June 3, 2013  

    You can find them here https://www.etsy.com/listing/130452956/10-plastic-mason-jar-glasses-cups?ref=shop_home_active Many people like them for outdoor parties or for kids 🙂

  • Sarah June 9, 2013  

    Completely understand your rant however I’m currently looking for plastic mason jars specifically because I love the look but I’m planning a kids party and plastic is a lot safer than glass.

  • Yvette June 9, 2013  
  • c July 3, 2013  

    Actually, there is no glass allowed on the beach I’m getting married at, so it’s plastic for us or none at all.

  • Sam July 5, 2013  

    Ummm, maybe for kids that are too old for zippy cups! Wow so closed minded!

  • Robin July 5, 2013  

    I just purchased three 20 ounce plastic insulated mason mugs. I love them. Great for working in the yard. The lid and straw help to keep the dirt and dust out. Would be great for the beach. Purchased them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. about $9.00 ea.

  • sam August 17, 2013  

    Well plastic is safer if you have kids around or when you’re on the go…accidents happens adult or not…

  • jess November 10, 2013  

    A pretty pointless rant…what do you care whether people choose glass or plastic?

  • OPCCook March 1, 2015  

    Actually, I’d LOVE to know where you found the plastic ones. My son is getting married and the venue where the rehearsal dinner will be held (a Texas style bbq) does not allow ANY glass on the premises. Everything will be cast iron, gingham and barbed wire and I CAN’T use Dixie cups!! That would be Texas blasphemy or something (sarcasm too). My son wants mason jars for drinking glasses so I have to find plastic ones. 🙂

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