Top 10 American Flags Made Out of Food

Here at Endless Simmer, we pledge allegiance to two things: this great country we call America, and all the ridic food treasures it holds within. Fine citizens of our sea-to-shining-sea have taken it upon themselves to honor the former with the latter; there are so many entertaining food flags lurking around the internet. Just in time for the daydrinking-fueled, explosion-laden meatstravaganza that is the celebration of our glorious nation’s birth, here are our T10AFMOOF: Top 10 American Flags Made Out Of Food.

10. Taco Bell Hot Sauce Flag

Like many of life’s greatest and most inspirational mysteries, we’re not sure exactly where it originated… but this beautiful Taco Bell Hot Sauce Flag has been making the rounds on Twitter lately. We support it. Not a bad idea for a festive “tablescape” if you’re serving tacos at your holiday gathering.

 9. Cake Pop Flag

Cake? Fine. Cake pops? Sure, whatever. Cake pops remade into cake?! Invention and the freedom to do what you want is the backbone of this great country! We’ll take it! Thanks, Bakerella.

 8. Pancake Flag

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas has the right idea: start your day the American way! To turn boring, regular pancakes into spectacularly patriotic pancakes that even George Washington would be proud of, all you need is some food coloring and chocolate chips.

 7. Gazpacho Flag

Flag soup! Cause sometimes you’re just not in the mood to chew. In this country, that is your RIGHT. This strawberry gazpacho was created by the fine Americans at Bay Area Bites.

 6. Bacon Flag

Here’s the ol’ Stephen Colbert Meat Flag, presented by long-named blog The Voice of Vexillology, Flags, and Heraldry. No recipe posted, but honestly no recipe needed: Take some bacon, wrap it around a Slim Jim, and fry ‘er up! We’ll forgive the lack of blue in this one, as the sheer amount of meat fat definitely makes up for it.

 5. Jell-O Flag

Flag Jello! Original creator Mike is Bored words it better than we ever could: The tricks to this sweet and patriotic (For Americans) dessert are layers, throwing out perfectly good food (USA!), Patience (BOO!), and top secret white jello. Before reading the entire post, we had a few ideas about what the “top secret white Jello” ingredient could be, and they were all pretty gross suggestions.

 4. Burger Flag

Burgers are obviously a classic choice for any FoJ cookout. Take ’em to the next level by topping them with specially designed condiments, care of RecipeLand. What’s the blue, you ask? Here’s where it gets interesting: cucumbers soaked in blue food coloring. Whoa. Do it for AMERICA.

3. Lasagna Flag

SheKnows offers up a pretty legit lasagna. The merging of cultures is what this great country is all about, so why not indulge in some Italian on the 4th? It has lots of cheese, so we’re clearly down.

 2. Hot Dog Flag

Let’s count the ways this one by Mint and Clandy Create is awesome: 1. flag made of MULTIPLE HOTDOGS, 2. STAR-SHAPED HOMEMADE POTATO CHIPS. Okay, I guess that’s it, just two reasons. But two amazing reasons!

1. Beer Flag

And finally, courtesy of MileAnHour… what better way to celebrate America than an egregious amount of beer?! You could probably only recreate this one at home if you were aiming to provide booze for a ton of people, or maybe a slightly smaller amount of heavy drinkers. Either way, it’s a pretty majestic tribute to the land of the free and the home of the drunk.

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe while you’re lighting off fireworks and shotgunning cheap brewskis (preferably not at the same time, please).

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  • BS July 3, 2012  

    does that bacon flag have a tomato in it?

  • Emily July 3, 2012  

    I think so! Hard to tell for sure. I kind of hope it doesn’t, and he found some sort of miraculous circular bacon.

  • ML July 6, 2012  

    Once I made a flag out of pasta salad….next year.

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