100 Ways to Use an Avocado

It’s no big secret that we like avocados here. Okay, we don’t like them, we’re obsessed with them. So you can imagine my shock and outrage when I realized we had never compiled a 100 Ways for avocado. I had to remedy this immediately. So here it is: 100 ways to cook one of the greatest gifts nature has bestowed upon the human race. There’s so much more to this majestic fruit than just guacamole (although we have some uniquely great guac recipes in this roundup, too). And just in time for Cinco De Mayo! You’re welcome.

Click on the photos for full recipes.

Avocado-ritaShrimp & Avocado SaladCreamy Avocado Veggie PastaDouble Chocolate Avo Muffins
Bacon Avocado PizzaAvocado Coconut CustardsPanko Avo FriesBanana-Cado Breakfast
Egg-Stuffed AvocadoProsciutto-Wrapped AvocadoFruit Pizza with Avocado WhipAvocado-wrapped Sushi
Red Quinoa SaladShamrock SandwichAvocado Buttercream CupcakesBrussels Sprouts Salad with Avo, Bacon, and Lime
Avocado MilkshakeAvocado Deviled Eggs with Salmon RoeAvocado-Tarragon BisqueCalifornia Sandwich
Butternut, Jicama, and Avocado SaladGuacamole Grilled CheeseAvocado Almond SmoothieSmashed Chickpea & Avocado Salad Sandwich
Grilled AvocadoQuinoa Patties with Avocado SauceTuna Stuffed AvocadoChocolate Cake
Pea Pesto PenneCreamy Avocado DressingCrab Mango QuesadillasPotato-Avo Salad
Florida Avocado WrapsBanana Avocado PuddingChilled Avocado Tomato SoupAvocado Lime Tart
Avocado Cream Cheese CookiesAvocado Chile SauceCreamy Avocado Pasta SaladAvocado Brioche
Avocado Bacon Jalapeno SalsaChocolate Avocado PancakesAvocado Ranch SlidersAvocado Donuts
Grilled Corn GuacamoleCalifornia FlatbreadGuaca-Mango BagelSuperfood Salad
Bacon Guacamole Grilled CheeseVegetarian Mexican Salad BoatsVegan Chocolate Goji Ice CreamCreamy Avocado Barley Risotto
Tofu Scramble BurritoRoasted Carrot & Avocado RavioliMayan Mudslide BrowniesIndian Guac
Pink Corn BlinisTangy Avocado Chicken SaladVegan Coconut-Avo EggnogCurried Quinoa Wrap
Bacon Avocado Egg Cups Blue Cheese GuacAvocado Lime Chickpea SaladSalmon Avo Egg Wraps
Savory Avocado CocktailChilled Avocado Cucumber SoupAvocado-Miso Dressed SaladTostada Bites
Avocado Crab RollAvocado CheesecakeGuacamole Taco RollsAvocado and Sardine on Toast
Gluten-free Avocado Chocolate Chip CookiesChipotle Avocado DogsAvo-Pineapple SmoothiesGrilled Mozzacado Sandwich
Avocado Lime Coconut CakeDark Chocolate Peanut Butter MousseTuna with Avo-Wasabi PureeAvocado Eggrolls
Avocado Bacon Potato SaladPrawn Avocado CrownsAvocado Cup SaladAvocado Scallop Ceviche
Chilled Avocado Soup ShotsGrecian Avo PizzaShoestring Fries with Avo-Garlic AioliChoco-Avo Macarons
Avocado Breakfast SauceSweet Potatoes with Avocado-Goat Cheese CreamGuacamole BreadBroccoli Cauliflower Avocado Soup
Sweet Avocado PoptartsWild Blueberry GuacCreamy Avocado RiceMango Avocado Crepes
Lobster GuacHearts of Palm SaladFeta Avocado FrittatasGuacamole Ice Cream


All 100 Ways — 1,500 recipes and counting! — found here.

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9 thoughts on “100 Ways to Use an Avocado

  1. It is a serious crime against the avocado to conceal its flavor inside breads, cookies, cupcakes, and other savory dishes so that it can barely be tasted. Just thought you’d like to know.

  2. All of these look amazing! I’d love to try all 100 of them. Thanks for including my mousse in the mix. Avocado is an amazing fruit! :)

  3. Well MaryAlice, we each have our own avoca-dos and avoca-don’ts. Just thought you’d like to know.

  4. i exploit avocado for it’s nutritional value and contribution to the viscosity of fruit smoothies. this diminishes its flavor at times. arrest me.

    though, when i do this I generally only use half and fill the other half with salsa and top it with a dab of sour cream… so maybe that will get me past the jury.

  5. I like to just cut the damn thing open, remove the stone and eat it. Is this so wrong?

  6. I never ever liked avocados until my aunt told me to try it. To my surprise I actually liked it!

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