Plate It or Hate It

Recent food world discoveries the ES crew is loving and hating…

Plate It: Stacker Mallows

We’re usually not partial to Rachel Ray-esque products that dumb down food to the lowest common denominator, but anything that gets s’mores in our mouths quicker is fine by us.

Hate It: Paula Deen’s Butter-Flavored Lip Balm

If you felt the need for a taste in your mouth to remind you all day long that you are an insatiable glutton. (Photo: Holly Bailey, via Grub Street)

Plate It: Ramen to the Rescue

Ramen noodle pizza? Ramen noodle pesto? Ramen-breaded onion rings? Yes, yes and hell yes. Jessica Harlan’s new cookbook is a college stoner’s dream come true.

Hate It: In-N-Out Obsession Overkill

Today is your last day to take advantage of coupon site Midtown Row’s offer to freeze two In-and-Out burgers and ship them across the country for the “deal” price of $56. Sorry, West Coasters, but ya’ll need to get over it and just go to Shake Shack.

Plate It: Fresh Ginger’s Ginger Ale

Natural ginger, cane sugar, and bubbly water. That’s it. What were we thinking sticking with Schweppes this whole time? Find Fresh Ginger online. It’s the perfect base for a Moscow mule.

Hate It: This Trend on Beer Lists

Played out, and really wasn’t that funny to begin with.

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12 thoughts on “Plate It or Hate It

  1. i remember making spaghetti with ramen back in the day and thinking “this is so not right”.
    at my office in portland, if anyone road trips down to CA they are automatically obligated to bring back a cooler full of in-n-out burgers, and people eat them three and four days old, cold, so they must be good. (i’ve never had them)

  2. and what i hate more about ironically listing crappy beer is when they try to describe it like you would a craft brew.

    we all know it tastes kinda watery, but it has alcohol in it and it’s cheap so we drink it anyway.

  3. Bottled “fresh” ginger ale? Eff that. I know y’all got access to beer brewing friends, so just load up the basic ingredients in a growler and ferment your own! (e.g.,

    I always thought the Miller description that was done the best simply read, “Cold.” Where is that, Derby? But all good things eventually jump the shark.

    Except homemade ginger ale. With lemongrass.

    F*ck In-n-Out and their bible verses and crossed palm trees.

  4. I will defend the east coast by saying NOT ALL PLACES CHARGE THAT MUCH FOR MILLER LIGHT. My favorite bar in my neighborhood charges $2.50, but on Wednesdays all domestic beers are $1.


  5. ps – Thresher, thanks for the link! i’ve been fermenting my own hooch out of flavored simple syrups and never thought to make a ginger batch!!

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