S’mores Gone Wild

Ah, s’mores. That simple-but-perfect campfire treat that ranks as one of America’s greatest food inventions. Gooey, crispy and chocolatey, they just couldn’t get any better. Or could they?

We got pretty excited when we saw frozen s’mores on a stick at the Iowa State Fair and wondered what other new takes on s’mores are out there. Turns out food bloggers have been busy giving this old-fashioned treat a new-school makeover. Check out these seven inventive treats that take s’mores to the next level. Give us some more indeed.

1. S’mores Cookies

An entire s’more submerged in a chocolate chip cookie? Yes, ma’am.

Recipe: Tracey’s Culinary Adventures

2. S’mores Pops

All the gooey goodness of a s’more, made right on your stovetop.

Recipe: Bakers Royale

3. S’mores Oatmeal

Breakfast will never know what hit it.

Recipe: une deux senses




4. S’more Krispie treats

Rice Krispie treats always seemed so perfect…oh wait, they’re even better with chocolate and graham crackers.

Recipe: Two Peas and Their Pod

5. S’mores Bars

Topped with oven-broiled marshmallows, this sweet treat will make you wonder why you ever thought you needed a campfire.

Recipe: Endless Simmer

6. Chocolate Ganache S’mores

Who says s’mores can’t be upscale?

Recipe: Living Tastefully

7. S’mores Popsicles

Because yes, anything and everything has to be made into a popsicle nowadays.

Recipe: 52 Kitchen Adventures

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  • Maria September 7, 2011  

    I love S’mores! So many fun ideas!

  • Tracey September 7, 2011  

    You can never go wrong with s’mores! All of these treats look great!

  • Jesse September 7, 2011  

    Awww no mention of S’mores Cupcakes? I made some ages ago, but my photography isn’t anywhere near that good. http://castlesandcooks.com/2010/12/01/bakers-recipe-smores-cupcake/

  • BS September 7, 2011  

    @Jesse – yum! Will have to add those to the to-cook list.

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