Two Broke Girls With One Contradiction

I live in DC, where the people are nerdy and we still form lines at cupcake shops. We’re dorky. Okay. I admit it. But I also live among the smug and deceptively pretentious. I’ve been to Brooklyn, too. I’m familiar with stereotypes. Therefore, let me judge.

In the new CBS laugh-tracked comedy, 2 Broke Girls, a sarcastic bitchy brunette, “Max,” played by Kat Dennings, is poor and full of sass, living in the birthplace of hipsterville, Williamsburg, yet dreams of opening a cupcake store.

Max isn’t a hipster herself, as she easily mocks two wool-hat wearing scrawny boys, but she sure isn’t subscribing to Real Simple either. Heeding information solely from the inaugural episode, I concur that the too-cool Max should be too-cool for the tired cupcake hysteria, making 2 Broke Girls a new sitcom with an already faulty old-trend.

Fuck cupcakes.


(Photo: All Things Cupcake)


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  • BS September 21, 2011  

    aaaah so true. clearly she should be running a pie shop. or a poptail stand. nice try, CBS.

  • erica September 21, 2011  

    paris hilton over there seems to like her cupcakes, too. (ps – i was going to say pies!)

  • gansie September 22, 2011  

    i’d like more milkshake stands to exist. (boozy milkshakes wouldn’t be too bad either)

  • JL July 26, 2012  

    This review is bullshit! This show is full of laughs and has a great cast.

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