Friday Fuck Up: Angry Pie

Um, what else can I say but mini mixed berry pies gone bad. Real bad. Let’s talk seething, seeping mess. Now that’s your ugly.

The good? Well, this seems to be the perfect artsy photo to visually describe some of us after a long work week: over baked and completely unrecognizable.

So, what happened aside from late night baking gone bad? I over filled the wells and not having a bottom crust to seal the top is not a good idea. All that delish berry filling came seeping and overflowing up the sides like an angry pie.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Fuck Up: Angry Pie

  1. I had a good laugh looking at this photo! Don’t get me wrong, I fully sympathize with you: it looks exactly like one of my “pieces of art” when I am very tired and/or angry and/or in a hurry, oh and if I skip just one probably not very important ingredient…
    I wondered many times if I should post my failures on the blog, but finally decided my “successful” dishes already look amateurish and clumsy enough 😉
    Congratulations for your entertaining and interesting website! I am very happy I stumbled upon it.

  2. Unbelievable! I sub to this site because of something interesting recently, and the first thing to come thru is tacky potty mouth?


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