Attack of the Meme: Liz Lemon’s Top 15 Tips for Better Eating

If there’s one thing that Liz Lemon knows, it’s how to live life by honoring food. Follow her advice to be the best eater you can be.

15. Turn a Drink Request into Fried Cheese

(Photo: Pibbplusredvines)

14. Know Your Math, Part I

(Photo: Fuck Yeah Liz Lemon)

13. Learn the Closing Times of Donut Shops

(Photo: somerset)

12. Pretend Men Are Sandwiches

(Photo: You’re a Dumb Whore)

11. Keep Canned Beans On Hand

(Photo: Characteristically less than exuberant…)

10. Always Hide Your Pasta

(Photo: The Girlie Show)

9. Food Is Your Best Friend

(Photo: I Am Just a Ridiculous Child)

8. Follow the Popcorn

(Photo: That’s An Example of Party Humor)

7. Know Your Math, Part II

(Photo: Prestigious Blog)

6. Be the Barefoot Contessa

(Photo: Fuck Yeah Liz Lemon)

5. Tea Bags Are the New Fortune Cookie

(Photo: Fuck Yeah Liz Lemon)

4. Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

(Photo: Fuck Yeah Liz Lemon)

3. You Can Have It All

Liz: Leave the sandwich? Leave the sandwich?
Final boarding call for Flight 254 to Cleveland.
Security Woman: You’re choosing a sandwich over a guy?
Hmm. That is less clichéd.
Liz: I can do it.
I can have it all!
Security Woman: God, lady, you’re eating foil!

(Photo: Fuck Yeah Liz Lemon; Dialogue: Database of Movie Dialogs)

2. Enjoy Your Pop-tarts

(Photo: love-freckles via Advice Lemon)

1. Sit In Peace and Eat a Sandwich

(Photo: my fake silicone ass fell off)

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  • Clancy March 30, 2011  
  • gansie March 30, 2011  

    @clancy – check out # 3 on our Top 10 Liz Lemon Food GIFs

  • erica March 30, 2011  

    men aren’t sandwiches?

  • Clancy March 30, 2011  

    Ha! Nice.

  • La Morgan March 30, 2011  

    I love Liz Lemon more every day. Enjoying thinking of men as sandwiches…

    Crispy in the morning, soggy in the afternoon.

    Better with bacon!

    I never share my sandwich.

    Best enjoyed outdoors.

    I’m sure I could come up with better ones if I’d only had more coffee today.

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