Attack of the Meme: Let’s Make Fun of Amateur Food Photogs!

With the advent of Instgram, Pinterest, and an array of other easy photo-sharing social media, everyone thinks they’re a food photographer these days. Which is great in theory, but sometimes often we see a post that makes us say “Um…. NO.”

My new favorite Tumblr has thoughtfully archived all those aberrations of food “photography” in one place: Amateur Food Porn Has Got To Stop. (Is there ANYTHING Tumblr can’t do? No.) Let the mocking begin…

I mean, I never claimed to be Ansel Adams, but I have some sense of artistic dignity. What even IS that crap?!

(image: AFPHGTS, of course)

Attack of the Meme: The ’90s Are Back

In times of heartache and unrest we reach for nostalgia to calm our shattered souls. And apparently the 1990s heals our collective hearts, as plenty of Boy Meets World and Family Matters references dot the internet.

But my favorite ’90s poster child is Daria and how she decodes the world via food.

3. Dating Advice

(Photo: Creestool)

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Attack of the Meme: Suri Cruise, Gossip Columnist

Do you like celeb babies? Do you like celeb gossip? Do you like all things bitchy, catty and totally ridiculous? Welcome to Suri’s Burn Book, a running commentary “from” Suri Cruise about other celeb offspring.

Suri dishes about Cruz Beckham‘s afternoon at Color Me Mine, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett‘s ginger baby (eek recessive genes!)  and – above – how unappetizing Adam Sandler‘s little girl, Sadie, looks while downing a muffin. Showing by example, Suri posts proof that it’s possible to eat while still looking adorable. Oh, Suri.

Hat Tip: Kiki Ryan
(Photo: Suri’s Burn Book)

Attack of the Meme: Me Want Cookies

You can call me a creepy old man, or you can call me plain weird, but I still think there’s just about nothing funnier than Cookie Monster. I mean, he eats cookies, he eats them hilariously fast, and he yells about it. How do you beat that?

He’s also officially a meme.

 10. #Occupy Sesame Street

(Via: Truth is Treason)

 9. Red Rum! (And Cookies)

(Via: Foto Log)

8. A Nerd Joke

(Via: Gegen Den Strich)

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Attack of the Meme: Ryan Gosling is a Farmers Market-Loving Feminist

Ryan Gosling is a feminist, well, on Tumblr that is. On Feminist Ryan Gosling, the adorably scruffy actor weaves together gender studies, Cocoa Puffs, pizza and tacky come-ons in this brainy, funny and drool-worthy satirical look at a hunk that loves feminist theory.

(Photo: Feminist Ryan Gosling)

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