Attack of the Meme: Top 10 Liz Lemon Food GIFs

A true hero to all feminists, Liz Lemon’s real passion isn’t creating positive women role models in the media. She cares way more about food. Here’s the best of Lemon’s desperate pursuit of all things edible.

10. Don’t Fuck with Mac and Cheese

(Photo: vaginadentatas)

9. A Lot

(Photo: Jazz Dance is a Fickle Bitch)

8. Ham is the New Bacon, Part I

(Photo: FuckYeahLizLemon)

7. I Like My Pop-tart More Than You

(Photo: FuckYeahLizLemon)

6. Cathy is Alive

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(Photo: FuckYeahLizLemon)

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  • BS March 16, 2011  

    these kind of make my head spin. night cheese really is better than day cheese though.

  • Alessandra March 16, 2011  

    HAHA thank you for this! Love that show!

  • erica March 16, 2011  

    people that are passionate about anything at all are passionate about food.

  • BS March 16, 2011  

    OK, now that I’ve had a cup of coffee I find these not quite so jarring. I also really need to see this shotgunning a pizza episode

  • esther March 16, 2011  

    I love Liz Lemon!!!!!!!!! Great post! =)

    Now, if only more people could EGAD….

  • Borracho March 16, 2011  

    This is amazing. Not only did it make me actually lol but I will definitely be quoting the ham ones at Easter

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