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100 Ways to Cook With Guinness

Posted by on March 10 2011 in Holiday, Lists

St. Patrick’s Day raises a lot of questions: How is every person in America suddenly Irish-American on this one day only? Is green beer really safe to drink? Where did I leave my car/friends/clothes? But mostly, St. Patrick’s Day makes us wonder: why don’t we cook with Guinness every day of the year? Sure, there are the standard Guinness brownies and Guinness steak pie, but Ireland’s signature brew can also spruce up everything from Guinness risotto to Guinness cornbread and Guinness milkshakes. We scoured the web for 100 delectable recipes that take cooking with Guinness to the next level, on St. Patrick’s or any other day of the year.

Click on the photos for full recipes.

guinness2Guinness-Corned-Beef-4 ice cream
ChiliGuinnessBBQSauce_1_2guinness burger
guinness cupcakeguinness mustard
guinness browniesguinness chocolate puddingstout gingerbreadapricot guinness cake
guinness breadguinness ribsguinness beef stewbbq chicken
guinness-thyme-lambguinness cheeseguinness onion ringsguinness cake
Guinness Battered Cod 500Cajun Rubbed & Smoked Guiness Bear Can Chickenshort ribsGuinnessFloat6
guinness soupguiness chocolate sauceVealShank Finalguinness lasagna
grown-up-beer-smores-pie-bite-3guinness cheese

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  1. March 10, 2011

    You have covered the gamut of Guinness. Love it!

  2. Borracho permalink*
    March 11, 2011

    Best. Post. Ever.

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