100 Ways to Cook a Pumpkin

Pumpkin season is here! Now let’s be honest — for most of us, that means leftover pumpkin season is here, too — because how many times can you make boring old pumpkin pie? Never fear, Endless Simmer is here. Whether you’ve got half-a-can of pumpkin puree sitting around, a cupboard full of pumpkin pie filling, the stringy insides of a Jack-o-Lantern or just a few stray pumpkin seeds, we scoured the web for 100 creative recipes that will help you use up all that beautiful orange goodness.

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PumpkinCheesecake 5062151625_e239840809_z5063077228_4ee71798eb 4998149859_93dc8e8bdb_o
tpumpkin_edited-1pumkin-stewPumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frostingpumpkin-chili
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pumpkin-cheesecake-e128614951159500-pumpkin-waffles-00Adzuki Bean Pot 2pumpkin-spice-cashew-dip-289
toasted-pumpkin-seed-guacamole PumpkinRollsFive-1 Pumpkin Chai Blondiesroulade cake with sugar
4457579051_b547dde7b3 2010-03-08_PumpkinRicottaRavioli9 pumpkinbrioche1_thumb[3]4252605434_998dc6716f
4272663747_c5d894cde7_oSweet Pumpkin Fritters 1 500new-pumpkin-puff-pasty-to-use4197981512_99c8c89854
1000222267_AHzvg-Mpumpkin-seed-toffee-550x412 Pumpkin Apple Pie Slice.1stillife-w-line
3191169502_34fe6155c9_opumpkin-wrap2Pumpkin Quesadillas 500IMG_8124
4541947039_5e7832eb51medley-muffins2976066543_b470081098 5062931433_db7ff3bbb8_z
Three-Olives-vodka-Pumpkintini5052665606_72fe0de2f05057747400_0e549ac27c pumpkin-challah-300x200

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50 thoughts on “100 Ways to Cook a Pumpkin

  1. Pumpkin cheesecake is listed twice … so really this is only 99 ways.

  2. We’re brewing a pumpkin beer this weekend, sucka. Wish you were here. Also, for DC folks, Radius has some really good, affordable seasonable options right now… pumpkin pizza, kale & white bean soup, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin smores, etc.

  3. ooh! i have four mini pumpkins at home and was thinking of stuffing them… thanks for doing the leg work for me.

  4. No recipe, but the old Sushi Taro had pumpkin tempura. TO.DIE.FOR.

  5. What a wonderful collection of dishes. Thank you so much for including me among those recipes being featured. It really is appreciated. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  6. Dear, oh dear! You’ve managed to put me in the “pumpkin mood” a little bit ahead of the season (for me! I’m always holding out for fall veggies as long as I can). A fantastic collection of recipes. I’m very honored to be part of it. Thank you so much for including me.

  7. In Australia we don’t have a pumpkin season as we have multiple varieties of fresh pumpkin available year round. We don’t have a need for canned pumpkin. We most commonly eat it as a vegetable with a meal of course- baked, mashed, in chunks in salads, it’s always delicious. I do a great pumpkin pasta sauce, and make many types of pumpkin soup. These 100 recipes look great though. So many that I’d like to try. Thanks for the post.

  8. I made the pumpkin whoopie pies this weekend w/fresh pumpkin puree! THEY ARE SOOOOOOO GOOD & easy to make!!!!

  9. This is such a great resource for pumpkin and winter squash recipes. Great ideas for bake sales to make things a little different this year.

  10. Mary- There are two cheesecake recipes, BUT they are both very different.

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