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– I’m a little surprised that blondee47‘s thoughts on Top Chef: Just Desserts didn’t stir up more controversy here at ES:

This show is a big gamble for these reasons:
…all I can say to Gail is that she had better not put one pound on because if it isn’t written in her contract then it should be (for her sake). All woman have a much higher tendency to gain weight quicker than her male counterparts.
… if she does unfortunately begin to gain weight this will, singlehandedly, be the beginning of the end for pastry chefs and bakers everywhere; not to mention her own self-esteem
…finally, depending on the pros and cons of Top Chef Desserts, it could very well be an added bonus to the Obama campaign for healthy eating and the cutting out of high gylcemix indexed foods of which Desserts rank the highest, fruit included or it can raise the awareness of portion control with every aspect of each challenge.

Gail there is a lot riding on this for the average viewer and these are just my thoughts on it as a non-industry person but nevertheless a lover of food.

– Much less controversial are chilaquiles. But Don adds a new spin:

I saw a version on TFN recently where the chef used corn tortillas that were “stale” or left out to dry overnight, then cut in smaller wedges. That would add a different texture than the tortilla chips, which tend to be much thinner. How about a few links of sausage on the side (maybe chorizo) to make it even more “breakfasty”?

– Finally, a reminder that you’ve got just a few hours left to submit your best recipe using yogurt and win 30 days of free yogurt!

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  • westcoast September 17, 2010  

    blondee47 has hurt my feelings. For women and for pastry. 🙁

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