Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interviews: Episodes 3 and 4

We’ve got TONS of TCJD content to round out this Friday, as we chat with the three latest chefs to hit the chopping block.

Last week, the chefs were given the challenge to create the ultimate table of dessert wonderment for Lisa Vanderpump  from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. We chatted with the chef-testant who didn’t make the cut — plus heard from this week’s loser — after the jump.

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Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interview: The Finale


There we have it folks. Top Chef Just Desserts has ended its first season and oh what drama. Not only did we see some amazing pastries that made us want to lick our television screens but we witnessed a roller coaster of emotion, petty fighting, and at times damn-right nastiness. Let’s take one last chance to hear what the chef’testants  have to say. That’s right, we not only chatted with the very first TCJD winner, but the two runner ups as well.

And the winner is…

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Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interview: Episode 9


In the second-to-final episode of Top Chef Just Desserts we were met with the delightful Sylvia Weinstock.  We saw Sylvia earlier in the season, but this time she had her husband, Ben, by her side. The chef’testants were tasked with making a cake for Sylvia and Ben’s 61st anniversary, a rather triumphant milestone.

Keep reading to see which chef’testant didn’t just cut it.

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Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interview: Episode 8


Just Desserts is clearly scraping the barrel. They’ve resorted to edible arrangements for the Quickfire, and the judges, including one Shinmin Li, don’t even bother to eat what the chefs created, just stand and gawk. WTF! For the elimination challenge the chefs had to create a “Celebritea” duo of cakes for a tea party, and apparently some of these chefs have never been to one. Chefs, this is how it’s done.

Keep reading to see who packed their whisk.

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Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interview: Episode 7


Just Desserts this week took on the classic Restaurant Wars challenge. The two teams were tasked with developing a bakery, naturally. Each of the chef’testants pulled straws for group assignments, and as luck would have it, Team Diva managed to play together.

Keep reading to see who packed up their measuring spoons.

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Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interview: Episode 6


If you think we missed an episode, well, you’re right. But did you really need to read more about twice eliminated Heather C? I figured as much. This week Just Desserts subjected us to a Black & White party in honor of LA Time’s 128th anniversary, such a milestone I know.

To find out who didn’t fair so well, keep reading.

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