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A Consummated Love Affair: Eggs and Potato Chips

Posted by on August 2 2010 in Eggs, Featured, Recipe, Veggie

potato chip eggs

Without a doubt potato chips are my favorite snack food. Cheese (extremely sharp cheddar) is next and a combination of a plate of Herr’s Ripples with cheddar, spicy mustard and a pickle is my ultimate combo. With all this love, however, I’ve never incorporated chips into my cooking. (Though I  always wanted to try Herr’s Potato Chip Cookie.)

This was until I saw DC food writer Monica Bhide tweet about chips in an Indian-spiced egg dish. Holy Crap! How have I never thought of combining my two favorite things to eat. Finally! My love for salty crunch and creamy egg can be together at last! And because I now work from home full time I decided to try this out last week for lunch.

Egg Over Green Chili Potato Chips

Because I cooked this on the fly I didn’t have all of Monica’s set ingredients, which you can check out at her site. Here’s how I handled the situation.

In a small cast iron pan heat up a combination of oil and butter and add a small diced onion. Stir in something hot. I used a spicy green chilli paste that BS brought me back from Mauritius. Add in chopped parsley and then a handful or two of crushed potato chips. Stir everything together and then sweep away the chip mixture to create a small hole. Add a tiny bit more butter into the hole and then carefully crack the egg. Sprinkle with water to create steam and cover with tin foil. After a few minutes, when the whites are set a slight film has formed over the yolk, remover the chips and egg from the pan and top with salt and pepper.

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  1. August 2, 2010

    So glad you liked it. This is such a hot fav in our house!!

  2. Maids permalink*
    August 2, 2010

    This reminds me of an Indonesian dish I had in Holland a while back. Very yummy, egg, chips and peanut sauce. Three things I had never thought to put together.

  3. August 2, 2010

    @maids. first of all, i love that you had an indonesian dish in holland. that reminds me that i had my first sushi experience in Amsterdam.

    anyway, i could totally seeing that dish work. i’ve topped a spicy peanut noodle dish with an egg before and i bet that extra crunch from the chip would make everything better.

  4. August 2, 2010

    Any particular preference in potato chip, my favourite is Kettle, would that be too much of a crisp?

    Could be fun to experiment with different flavours, salt & vinegar anyone?

  5. August 2, 2010

    hate hate hate kettle. i used lay’s plain chips for this dish. and i really dont like flavored chips, but i could see how that would be fun for others.

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