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Dan, for one, is stoked about taint-y donuts:

I have been laughing about this for probably 10 minutes. I read it with an obnoxious monster truck type voiceover. The subtle underlining of the word ‘everything’. The caps and spacing on ‘taint’. what is that comic sans? everything about this is perfectly awful.

Frieda brings us more things to do with a banana:

I use mashed bananas in marinades for chicken and shrimp, with orange juice, soy sauce, oil and seasoning – then grill. Also throw them sliced into stir fries – a touch of sweetness is always appreciated in these dinners.

– And reaching way back, Niki has lots to say about eating shrimp heads:

I regularly eat shrimp heads. If you go to a good sushi restaurant the usually serve amaebi sashimi with the option of having the heads deep fried.

It is probably my MOST favorite thing to eat in the entire world.

Unfortunately, until now, I wasn’t aware that there were restaurants that actually served an entire plate dedicated to the delicacy. The places I’ve been people usually look at me funny when I get them and I wasn’t aware that that many people actually ate them. If only Annapolis wasn’t so far away from Austin!

The oil should be very hot but be careful not to burn them. You have to lightly coat them with panko batter that you can get at most supermarkets in a good sized town. Leave all the parts in the shrimp head, that is the best part!

You could probably use a little bit of flour instead of panko if you can’t find it.

It doesn’t take long but they are DELICIOUS and it is worth the oily mess.

Good luck to you!

ALSO, If this is something that interests you, some good fish bones fried are equally delicious!

Find a good quality fish and clean/filet it. Leave some meat on the bones, then fry it as you would the shrimp! :) Mmmm

(Photo: Bliz)

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