Adventures in Unappetizing Advertising


While doing some research for an upcoming article, I stumbled upon this bare-bones website teaser for an upcoming donut truck.

I know that donuts have been getting crazy and crazier lately, but um, this marketing plan doesn’t exactly make me hungry. Anyone else?

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  • simple, hungry, broke May 25, 2010  

    best food truck idea ever? maybe

  • Dan May 25, 2010  

    I have been laughing about this for probably 10 minutes. I read it with an obnoxious monster truck type voiceover. The subtle underlining of the word ‘everything’. The caps and spacing on ‘taint’. what is that comic sans? everything about this is perfectly awful.

  • erica May 25, 2010  

    that’s just poor design, i keep reading “donut O truck”. plus, it looks evil, dirty, aaaand, i don’t really want to think of taints when i purchase donuts. my god. this is why it is worthwhile to pay for good graphic design. damn.

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