Strawberries + Wontons = Ceviche, Obviously


Our friends over at Foodie Fights have launched their third season, a series of weekly virtual cook-offs in which a group of bloggers are assigned two ingredients and told to report back with something delicious. FF asked me to serve as a judge for the third challenge, in which blog-testants had to cook with strawberries and wonton wrappers. While the crowds loved transplant’s Wonton Tartlets with Mascarpone Cheese, Strawberries and Balsamic Reduction, I had to hand the win to Pickles and Kumquats for their Ceviche with Strawberry Salsa and Wonton Chips, because really, how the hell do you think to make ceviche from these ingredients? I know, I’m a sucker for craziness. If you think you could do better, today’s the day to sign up for Foodie Fights Battle 4: Shallots and Apricots. I’m thinking ice cream. You?

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