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Jenna is on the “respect vanilla” train:

Awhile ago I made vanilla ice cream with a Tahitian vanilla bean and it was A-mazing. Like, vanilla does get a bad rap; people call it “boring” or unimaginative. But when you have the real stuff you realize that it’s this incredibly complex, nuanced, subtle fascinating flavor. We should give vanilla more respect.

– The cottage cheese chronicles never end. Nicky:

Recently I saw a soup recipe with parsley dumplings made with cottage cheese and thought of your adventures with cottage cheese. I thought it might be something you would like to try – here’s the link – http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Mushroom-and-Leek-Soup-with-Parsley-Dumplings-357310
The technique sounds quite similar to your fried cottage cheese.

– And from bacon to vodka to CO2 tanks, we’re loving your contributions to the snow five. What’s in your snow five? Keep those answers coming

(Photo: tomeppy)

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