Top 10 Jersey Shore Foods

5. Casino Buffets


What’s better than a little bit of bad food?  A whole shitload of bad food!  There are a bunch of crappy buffets located along a number of the boardwalks, but the casinos in Atlantic City traditionally have the best buffets.  Now, as the casinos have transitioned from “places you can go to lose $200 on a Saturday” to “family destinations,” they have been adding high-end restaurants from celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay.  Don’t count on any trips down to AC by the Jersey Shore crew.  Flash casino games and blackjack require way too much math. (Photo: iirraa)

4. Fudgy Wudgy


It’s just a fudgesicle,  but you haven’t been to the Jersey shore until you’ve been laying on a beach blanket only to have your ears perked up by the dulcet tones of “FUUUUUUUUUDGY WUUUUUUUUDGY!” coming from a vendor pushing a refrigerated cart across the baking-hot sand.  I contend that it is physically impossible to not want a fudgesicle under these circumstances.  That the vast majority of the popsicle sticks end up as litter on the beach is a small price to pay for this convenience, I suppose. (Photo: Jocelyn | McAuliflower)

3. Funnel Cake


Oh yeah…deep fried dough covered in powdered sugar, these things are sold by every fourth of fifth vendor on the boardwalk.  Of course, some foodies may argue that the funnel cake pales in comparison to the Italian zeppole, much like the Jersey Guidos are sad parodies of Eye-talian Americans. (Photo: churl)

2. Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard


I’ve been to the Jersey Shore boardwalk for over thirty years and I’ve passed Kohr Brothers locations more times than I can count, and I’m certain that they sell something other than the vanilla-orange swirl cone, but I’m fairly sure I’ve never seen anyone order something other than this amazing combination of creaminess, tanginess and dairy architecture. (Photo: CellPhoneSusie)

1. Good Seafood


Wait, a completely non-sarcastic entry? Well it’s true. There is some fantastic fresh local seafood down the shore, including oysters, striped bass and monkfish, although much of it has quickly gone from underrated to over-fished in the blink of an eye.  When I was a more active fisherman, I used to pull out and eat species including flounder and bluefish.  I’m also proud to tell you that — despite the presence of many Guidos in the water — Jersey-caught seafood does not taste like it’s been marinated in Hawaiian Tropic and hair gel. (Photo: peekandeat)

Did we miss any of your Jersey Shore favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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  • ML December 9, 2009  


    I had Mack & Mancos on Monday night. There isn’t anything else quite like it.

  • charley December 9, 2009  

    Mac an mancos is way to low on the list…….and what about johnson carmel popcorn?????

  • gansie December 9, 2009  

    i cant even believe you ranked mac and manco as 10th. it is by far my favorite thing to eat in ocean city, and well, all of the shore.

  • SAG December 9, 2009  

    what gansie said.

  • Maids December 9, 2009  

    wow …. I can’t believe salt water taffy is from Jersey! who knew!

    Oh and, FYI, Dipping dots are disgusting. They are an abomination. They are NOT the future of ice cream.

  • gansie December 9, 2009  

    agree w/ maids on dipping dots. i get absolutely zero satisfaction with those hard dots of unflavor.

  • BS December 9, 2009  

    can’t believe dipping dots still exist. they are definitely the ice cream of the past.

  • Alex December 9, 2009  

    i love dippin’ dots. Well, I did the last time I had them, which was probably fifteen years ago. And, for the record, they were ALWAYS available in my Southern California mall.

  • KeepingitKlassy December 9, 2009  

    i take issue with the philly shore bent to this Top 10! That aside, I would respectfully like to add some trashy Seaside flavor with the ol’ Pork Roll, the classic, if not obvious, sausage and peppers hero(a la “the situation”), and the oil and vinegar drench on every hero.

  • Liza December 9, 2009  

    Did WAWA originate in Jersey? Cause that’s my favorite place to eat when I go to the Jersey Shore – no lie.

  • Maids December 9, 2009  

    @ Liza, um no. Wawa is a jewel of the midatlantic. Thanks!

  • exit98 December 9, 2009  

    Chili cheese fries at the Windmill post bars…always a great idea.

  • Don December 10, 2009  

    One note about the participants in “Jersey Shore” – except for one from Hazlet (mid-north NJ) and one from Rhode Island (how the hell did he get in the mix?), they are all from New York. New Jersey can’t take too much blame for this wretched bunch.
    Being from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area (and a visitor to the South Jersey shore: Atlantic City south to the Wildwoods), I disavow any connection to or responsibility for anything you may see on this program. That being said, as a railroad fan I AM fascinated by train wrecks. 😉

  • Tim December 10, 2009  

    Great article, but…

    No cheesesteaks? They’re a true staple of any NJ boardwalk and the good ones will stand up to the best Philly has to offer.

    And let’s not forget another gem from the original Jersey Shore, which was a single episode of True Life. “WHERES MY F*CKIN CHEESEBALLS?!”

  • Tim December 10, 2009  

    Hell yes, KeepingItKlassy. TAYLOR PORK ROLL. God, I wish I had one right now.

  • dosdos December 10, 2009  

    @exit98 good call!!! I miss those 2am runs for Windmill cheese fries! No chili for me, just ketchup and EXTRA onions! Yummmmm

    Also, why does MTV continually pick one of the trashiest places on the shore for their shows? Remember when the Beach House was in Sleaszside??

  • KeepingitKlassy December 10, 2009  

    @dosdos – i remember it dearly – It was 1998, the day after my prom, I was enjoying Moninca and Brandy battle it out in That Boy Is Mine, and signing a waiver so I could be in the background. Don’t judge.

  • dosdos December 10, 2009  

    @Tim Main Street Cheesesteaks in Belmar has awesome steaks. A great place to ride your bike to after a night at the bars (such as DJAIS if you really want to get your Guido on, but who would want to do that??) …I will now answer my previous question by expressing my gratitude to MTV for not polluting the “safe” towns with those grease balls.

    Another- I don’t remember how good it was but I remember eating Three Brothers Pizza back in the days…

  • LisaC December 10, 2009  

    Kohr Brothers chocolate peanut butter swirl keeps me awake at night with it’s taunts. It simply can’t be bought anywhere else. I love it. Truly. I’ve never even eaten Dippin’ Dots because I am too busy at Kohr Brothers.

    And what are you talking about? Banana salt water taffy is awesome!

  • Jaci December 14, 2009  


  • Janny May 25, 2010  

    What about Taylor Pork Roll?! We ate fried porkroll sandwiches on the boardwalk in Ocean City and Atlantic City.

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