Top Chef Finale Guessing Game – With Bravo Prizes!

tc computer gameCan you believe Wednesday evening marks the conclusion of another Top Chef season already? It seems like only yesterday an inebriated gansie was watching the season four premiere and inventing Top Chef live blogging. We’ve since ceased our own live blog, now that everyone and their mother is doing it. But this year Bravo is seriously upping the live blog game with a Top Chef Virtual Viewing Party, complete with fan questions and live commentary from this season’s chef-testants thoruhgout the finale. Check out the facebook page to RSVP.

AND we’re happy to announce the return of the Bravo/Endless Simmer Top Chef Finale Guessing Game. This year’s rules:

– Guess five ingredients. You get one point for each ingredient that is used by any of the chefs in the final episode. Double uses count — if all three chefs use your ingredient, you get three points.

– You can’t guess basic things like butter, garlic, salt or olive oil. If you’re guessing a major meat group like beef, pork or chicken, you have to be more specific, i.e. “pork belly,” “Kobe beef,” or “cornish game hens.” Guessing more unusual proteins like duck or tuna is acceptable.

– You get three bonus points for correctly predicting which chef will be the champion.

So, for example, here are my guesses:

1. Lamb

2. Red wine

3. Pine Nuts

4. Phyllo Dough

5. Pancetta

Winner: Kevin

The guessing game champ wins a Bravo gift card and a copy of Top Chef: The Video Game. Guess away in the comments.

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  • bobbyc December 8, 2009  

    1. diver scallops
    2. lamb
    3. foie gras
    4. carrots
    5. asparagus

    Winner: my bearded brother from the South – Kevin (the Voltaggio brothers will quiver in fear at The Return of Bacon Jam)

  • Jiggle Billy December 8, 2009  

    1) Something cooked sous vide;
    2) Booze;
    3) Ginger;
    4) Miso;
    5) Green/organic/Low carbon footprint wine.

    Winner: I don’t even know who’s on this show anymore. I’m going to cast my vote to whichever contestant weighs the most.

  • Nick December 8, 2009  


    1. Duck
    2. Bacon
    3. Beets
    4. Cheddar Cheese
    5. Leeks

    I love Kevin, but I think Bryan is gonna win.

  • gansie December 8, 2009  

    coconut milk


  • Moira December 8, 2009  

    1. Mushrooms (is that legal?)
    2. Fig
    3. GoatCheese
    4. ShortRibs
    5. Sparkling Wine

    as if it isn’t already rigged… we all know the corruption at ES is out of control.

  • BS December 8, 2009  

    mushrooms is cutting it close but I’ve talked to Padma and we’re gonna allow it.

  • ER December 8, 2009  

    1. Scallops

    2. Arugala

    3. Leeks

    4. Duck

    5. Turnips

    Definately Bryan.

  • Dan December 8, 2009  

    Are you going to write down everyones points? I just want to beat macheesmo (always)

    1. brussel sprouts
    2. swiss chard
    3. pork belly
    4. sweet potato
    5. dried chiles

    kevin… Beards unite!

  • Jess December 8, 2009  

    1. Scallops
    2. Pork Belly
    3. Salmon
    4. Red wine
    5. Arugala
    Winner: Kevin

  • Emily December 9, 2009  

    1. Scallops
    2. Zucchini
    3. King Crab
    4. Red Snapper
    5. Broccoli Rabe

    Winner: Kevin

  • mary December 9, 2009  

    1. mirin
    2. oysters
    3. pork belly
    4. mint
    5. daikon

    (fun contest!)

  • Maids December 9, 2009  

    I really love Kevin and i hope that it’s him. I do not much care for the mean Voltaggio brother, and the nice one is just not quite as good as Kevin.

  • Maids December 9, 2009  

    Oh yeah, and:
    1) Asparagus
    2) Allspice
    3) Lamb
    4) lamb stock
    5) mushroom

  • mary December 9, 2009  

    I didn’t put the winner! KEVIN!

  • katklaw777 December 9, 2009  

    1. spinach
    2. lobster
    3. pork tenderloin
    4. figs
    5. almonds

  • katklaw777 December 9, 2009  

    ooooooooops, and I want the winner to be Kevin!

  • jestergoblin December 9, 2009  

    1. Crab
    2. Bacon
    3. Scallop
    4. Carrots
    5. Grapes

    Winner: Kevin

  • Summer December 9, 2009  

    1. Bacon
    2. Scallions
    3. Truffles
    4. Clams
    5. Goat cheese

    Winner: Kevin (but I’m rooting for Bryan! And also dying of jealousy that my college roommate is going to his finale party at Volt tonight!)

  • Britannia December 9, 2009  

    1. Quail egg
    2. Foie gras
    3. Radish
    4. Mint
    5. Cocoa


  • Alex December 9, 2009  

    truffles/oil (if gansie can fudge, so can I right?)
    red wine
    white wine


  • Rebecca December 9, 2009  

    1. Scallops
    2. Duck (if need more specific, duck breast)
    3. Leeks
    4. Lamb
    5. Bacon

    Winner: This is the tough part. I am going with Brian.

  • Eick December 9, 2009  

    1. Beef
    2. Strawberries
    3. Chocolate
    4. Sweet Corn
    5. Eggplant

    Winner: Kevin
    I lay out why here:

  • Alison December 9, 2009  

    Here goes…

    1. Pork
    2. Fennel
    3. Wine
    4. Goat cheese
    5. Duck

    Winner is: Kevin! Simple, divine food ftw!

  • Dan December 10, 2009  

    wow not one person guessed the winner right!

  • Maids December 10, 2009  

    damnit! I’d written down fennel and then I decided to go with asparagus instead.

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