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Long-time readers know the ES crew won’t be satisfied until we control the entire food media world, and on that note, today’s a big day in the annals of Endless Simmer history, as this post officially goes where no ES post has gone before: the world of sound. That’s right — in addition to learning what we eat every night through our words and photos, you can now get all up in our heads and actually hear what’s going on inside these hungry, hungry minds.

On Talking With Our Mouths Full: The Endless Simmer Podcast, we’ll bring you food stories from around the globe, interview some of your favorite food personalities, and share our every edible thought, all via the magical medium of Internet radio. Given the time of year, today’s debut episode is all about — what else? — turkey! Those of you looking to mix it up a bit this Thanksgiving are in luck, as four of our favorite food personalities have graciously taken the time to tell us about a few alternative ways you can cook that big bird this year. Hit the play button above and take a listen!

Featured Guests in this Episode:

Fabio Viviani, the fan favorite from season five of Top Chef, is also the star of the upcoming Food Network series Fabio: A Catered Affair, the chef at brand new LA eatery Firenze Osteria, and a roving ambassador for Santa Margherita wines. Somehow, he found the time to talk to us about turkey.

Elizabeth Karmel is widely recognized as one of America’s foremost BBQ and grilling experts. The executive chef at New York’s Hill Country Barbecue and Market (an Al Roker favorite!), Elizabeth is also the founder of, where, among other goodies, you’ll find a mean recipe for grilled turkey.

Mike Bober (a.k.a. JoeHoya) along with his wife Elizabeth, writes the Washington, D.C. food blog Capital Spice. When he’s not busy smoking out his entire neighborhood, he drops enough knowledge around ES to earn himself a place in the Endless Eater Hall of Fame.

Clint Cantwell is a member of award-winning competition barbecue and grilling team Smoke In Da Eye. If you’re gonna try frying up your bird this year, please, please read Clint’s Ten Tips to a Perfect (and Safe) Deep-Fried Turkey.

After you’ve listened to the turkey talk podcast above, be sure to share your own turkey cooking tips in the comments below, and cast your vote:


Talking With Our Mouths Full is produced by Adam Pogoff of Boutique Radio. For all your podcasting and audio production needs, visit Boutique Radio on the web.

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12 thoughts on “Talking With Our Mouths Full: Introducing the ES Podcast

  1. What a minute…

    JoeHoya’s real name isn’t Joe? This bothers me for some reason.

  2. I’m in awe. What, is this a professional blog all the sudden? haha. Well done, BS…and Adam. Can I add a 5th way? The broiler, because that is where I am making my open-faced turkey and cheese sandwich right now.

    Not quite on the same level as the real deal, I know.

  3. This is so great guys! When will it be on itunes so I can 5-star it?

  4. So my family cooks the turkey in the oven -no big deal. But, the preparation of the turkey is pretty obscene. There’s buttering, slapping, throwing, and lots of dropping on the floor (due to the slipperiness of rubbing a big ol’ bird with butter) Don’t eat turkey with us. seriously. it’s just for show. and slapping.

  5. Sorry to bother you, Brian.

    Joe Hoya is a nickname I’ve been using since college, where it was a shorthand for the average guy on campus. It started out tongue in cheek, but I’ve stuck with it since.

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