Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Lasagna to Go!


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– Apparently, this is not a figment of your twisted imagination:  Rachael Ray is selling a suitcase that will transport your lasagna.

Alton Brown + Multitaskers + Bacon = five kinds of awesome!

After the jump…fresh fruit from a Food Network personality, Garces looks to exact revenge for the defeat of the Phillies and Tom C.  goes On the Road.

– Click right here to check out Ingrid Hoffman’s mangos.

Jose Garces is either really confident he’ll be crowned The Next Iron Chef or he’s looking to cash in one last time before the series is over.

– Tom Colicchio likes to go on road trips like you and me.  Except he gets to do it in a $100K Porsche and you’re doing it in your mom’s old Mercury Tracer.

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  • BS November 19, 2009  

    I’m so, so confused about the Lasagna Lugger. Is that really not a joke?

  • tvff November 19, 2009  

    Get with the program, BS! All the cool kids are carrying around lasagna.

    I would suggest you buy one, and then just make a fresh batch every morning and lug it around with you all day. You never know when you’re going to need a pasta casserole.

    Yes, it’s real…my PhotoShop skill aren’t nearly that good and my imagination isn’t nearly that demented.

  • Summer November 20, 2009  

    My husband bought a product quite similar to the Lasagna Lugger at Walmart this summer, the Arctic Zone Deluxe Travelin’ Chef ( Don’t laugh, please — we live 3 miles from the beach, and we have a picnic dinner at least once a week, in addition to going sailing and attending potluck parties and such. The cooler came with two large tupperware-type containers, but it also fits my normal 9″x12″ pyrex pans if I want to use it for hot food. I’ll often pack our picnic dinner in the bottom section, then fill the top section with drinks. It’s pretty efficient, and superior to the Lasagna Lugger in the following ways:
    1. “Deluxe Travelin’ Chef” is a less stupid name than “Lasagna Lugger.”
    2. It cost about half of what Food Network is charging for the Lugger.
    3. It came with usefully sized picnic containers, rather than a lasagna pan, which surely every home cook already owns. I have three, personally, and I don’t even make lasagna.
    4. It’s blue, not yucky brown and orange.
    5. Does not bear the name “Rachael Ray.” However, it is sold at Walmart, so the evil level is probably about equal.

    p.s. The really cool kids carry biryani.

  • gansie November 20, 2009  

    thank you summer for this awesome explanation of the artic zone deluxe travelin’ chef. i now know what to buy dad gansie for chanukah.

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