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A new year and a new month means it’s time for a brand new episode of Talking With Our Mouths Full — The Endless Simmer Podcast. In episode two, we’re speaking with one of the world’s most interesting eaters. Shaun Ellis, a wolf behavior expert based in England, spent two years living with a pack of wild wolves. Shaun had tons of crazy experiences, but we were only interested in one thing — what’s it like to plop down for dinner next to a pack of hungry wolves and rip into a freshly-hunted piece of game?

Click play above to hear Shaun tell us all about eating with wolves, how the human body responds to consuming just-killed wild game, and what it’s like to have momma wolf regurgitate some yummy deer meat directly into your mouth! A little gross, sure, but Shaun gained some incredibly interesting insight into not just wolves, but human beings and our complex relationship with food.

For more info on Shaun Ellis,visit his website and pick up a copy of his book, The Man Who Lives with Wolves.

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  • Maids January 5, 2010  

    I wonder what the wolves thought he was, a scrawny stupid wolf pup who couldn’t feed himself very well? Fascinating…. but I would have skipped the “scotch broth” ewww…

  • Don January 5, 2010  

    Yummmmm! I suddenly have the urge to hunt down the cat that digs and pees in my garden and eat its innards. I imagine that if this guy learned anything from his experience it was how to “wolf” his food down. 😉

  • gansie January 6, 2010  

    wow. wow. i thought i say some shocking shit, but wow. regurgitation takes it!

  • dad gansie January 6, 2010  

    Double wow. I’ll forever look at egg whites differently
    don’t know if I can try Scotch soup
    truly amazing. GlAd he made it to tell His story some natuarlists didn’t

  • dad gansie January 6, 2010  

    Ps. Nice idea on the pod story

  • dad gansie January 6, 2010  

    Pss. Brendan. You did a great job on pod cast,
    I will have to find and listen to no 1

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