Top 10 Food Terms That Sound Dirty But Aren’t

5. Glazed Donut

This one goes from delicious morning-time treat to downright obscene in no time flat. Probably best not to dwell too long here or you’ll have to switch to raspberry jelly.

4. Whipped Cream

The only S&M food entry!  Unfortunately, fruit leather just missed the cut.

3. Pulled Pork

Brilliant, because it works dirty on two levels — as an adjective and a noun (“Would you like to see my pulled pork?” and also as a past-tense verb and direct object (” I saw him pulling his pork!”).  Plus, “pork” in any context is kinda dirty.  And delicious.

2. Juices Run Clear

This one comes from gansie, who is probably the filthiest of all of us.  How do you know when it’s done?  When juices run clear.  I’m guessing this rule of thumb can be applied to other endeavors, as well.

1. Spotted Dick

A steamed pudding of currants, custard, and brown sugar. Why, what were you thinking?

Think you’re filthier than the ES crew?  Let’s hear your dirty little cooking terms down in the comments.

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  • Maids August 6, 2009  

    How about jackfruit?
    oh and also
    I picked one filthy sounding phrase in the UK: to say you want a particularly potent cider, say, ” I’m craving some scrumpy.” Scrumpy? that sounds so filthy, I said it constantly.

  • Britannia August 6, 2009  

    Scrumpy Jack, now that’s something I’ve not heard in a long time. And I take pride being from the country that coined Spotted Dick, so yummy.

    Another English favourite: Crumpet!

  • Yvo August 6, 2009  

    Dude, the first time I heard ‘frosted’ used like that was in Zack & Miri Make a Porno. If you saw it, you know to which scene I am referring, and it is both awesome and horrifying…

    Okay, here’s my addition, which may or may not be too far-fetched…
    beat until smooth, about 50 strokes.
    Or put your hand as far into the cavity as you can reach and remove whatever you find… the giblets.

  • Nina August 6, 2009  

    The dirty dish in my house is “beef strokemeoff”. Not for too much longer tho….our three year-old has started asking for it by that name!

  • Jennifer August 6, 2009  

    You left off “spatchcock”.

    It can’t be said around here without a ton of snorting snickers.

  • themusingbouche August 6, 2009  

    What about the good old fish taco?

  • LC August 6, 2009  

    beef cheeks always makes me giggle.

  • Jenni August 6, 2009  

    Speaking of food & potential lewdness:

    At least Ms. Ray is good for a laugh.

  • Mrs. Joe Hoya August 7, 2009  

    what, no kumquat?

  • Noasmom March 12, 2011  

    “beat until stiff” talkin ’bout whipped cream stiff peaks….

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