Top 10 Food Terms That Sound Dirty But Aren’t


They’re just lemons…get your mind out of the gutter.

It’s no big secret that Endless Simmer is run by people with dirty, filthy minds.  Sure, we appreciate high-brow humor and witty satire, but we’re also more than happy to giggle our heads off at something crude and lewd.

Fortunately, we’re in the right business, because the world of food offers plenty of terms, phrases and techniques which — if you possess the sense of humor of a seventh grader like we do — can sound very, very dirty.   And so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to catalog the top ten food terms that sound dirty but actually aren’t.

10. Tossing Salad

An easy get.

9. Weinerschnitzel

Hehehehehe.  Weiner.

8. Lady Fingers

I bet she does!

7. Shucking

I take personal pride in my ability to shuck.  All it takes is a little coaxing and I can get it to open up in no time.  I’m talking about oysters…what were you thinking?

6. Frosting a Cake

The application of any sugar- or dairy-based substance to a baked good is inherently dirty.  For more evidence of this, see #5.

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