The Culinary Fruits of America’s Next Top Model


Since I know she’s going to call me out, I’ll just say it up front: I absolutely stole this spice combination from Maids. In between our snarky commentary during an America’s Next Top Model marathon, Maids gave me the low-down on her recent okra dish. Intrigued by her usage of caraway seeds  — rye bread is my favorite — plus coriander seeds and cumin, I quickly figured out how to incorporate it into my staple food combination: avocado and feta.

Back to ANTM, I also was totally into Kahlen – love the dimples and the blonde hair. Totally sucker for a skinny, tall blonde. But I also love a girl I can’t wrap my head around. Naima totally works it. She’s gorgeous, fierce, sick body, sweet, beautiful.

Anyway, back to food.

Caraway, Coriander and Cumin Sandwich (plus more than spices)

In a dry pan, toast caraway seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds (Maids used ground cumin), pine nuts, salt and pepper.  Now, I have no idea if it mattered whether or not I added in the s&p, but I was just in a spicing mood and threw them in. When the pine nuts turned brown and the seeds were fragrant, I removed them from the pan and then added in chickpeas. While they were heating up and browning in spots, I smashed together half an avocado, feta and the spice mixture; cut a few slices of cucumber; warmed up a whole wheat pita. When the chickpeas were ready I mixed them in with the avocado mixture and filled the pita.

After thoughts: I think the coriander seed was a little much in that sandwich, not the flavor but the texture. I’m thinking next time after toasting, I’ll mortar and pestle that mixture to break down the seeds.

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  • JoeHoya March 10, 2009  

    Not sure why, but there’s something about caraway and fennel seeds that just ruin rye bread and Italian sausage for me. I think it’s the jarring feeling of crunching down on one mid-bite.

    I could take or leave the flavors.

  • gansie March 10, 2009  

    hate fennel seeds. but not because of the texture – because of that anise flavor. same way i couldn’t stand my oma’s drink of choice: sambuca

  • BS March 10, 2009  

    I’m not so crazy about seeded bread either – they just seem to get in the way.

  • Maids March 10, 2009  

    The caraway seeds are actually really good toasted, I’m not such a big fan of rye bread, but aI think in the flavor combo, with he coriander and cumin, the caraway takes on a subtler flavor and morphs a bit. I’m glad I inspired you Gans, but I am a little sad that you ruined the recipe by adding pine nuts. Yuck. 😉
    N-E-Way, I can see the texture of the coriander seeds not working in that circumstance…. I like it when it adds a little hiccup of crunch, but every now and then the coriander seed crunches in a surpsing and not altogether pleasant way.
    I’ll get my delicious okra recipe up when the hemorrhaging stops at work!

  • Maids March 10, 2009  

    yikes, spell check alert… obviously my brain is elsewhere, sorry ESers!

  • JoeHoya March 10, 2009  


    Many a night at college (okay – a few for the two or three years immediately afterward, as well) ended with me and my roommates doing a round of flaming sambucca shots.

    Good times.

  • BS March 10, 2009  

    your pine nut hatred is not welcome here!

  • Britannia March 10, 2009  

    Do you think this could be used as a dip?

  • gansie March 10, 2009  

    hmmm. i find it difficult to scoop up chickpeas, but maybe if they were mashed a bit it could be turned into a dip, using the cucumbers as the vehicle for the mixture.

  • BS March 11, 2009  

    or everything pulsed in a food processor – tapenade style rather than dip

  • Britannia March 11, 2009  

    I think I’m gonna give this a go in dip format, I’ll report back my findings.

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