You Know You’re in a Fancy Restaurant When…


You know you’re in a fancy restaurant when there is a dish that ends in:  “____ (fill in the number) ways.”  Duet of chicken (Dale, Top Chef, Season 3), Trio of Pig and whatever whatever a few ways.  The examples could go on forever.  And to be honest, I’m not really a fan of the trend.  But, this, well, this is pretty bad ass.  I consider anything thought of on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while in PJs, bad ass.

And, you don’t have to dirty your kitchen very much with this 2 way dessert. In fact, it’s actually less work. Brilliant!  Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this creation.  Anna (aka homemade hot chocolate) strikes again.  This dessert, actually, is perfect with some drinkable chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Two Ways

Follow whatever directions you have for chocolate chip cookies.  Reserve a few spoonfuls of batter (try not to eat it all while the cookies bake.)  When the finished cookies are cool enough to eat, break one in half, spoon a layer of batter on one side, top with the other.  It’s a cookie dough batter cookie sandwich.  Or, to make it sound more impressive: chocolate chip cookies two ways.

You know, we’re always trying to class things up here on ES.

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  • BS January 27, 2009  

    goddamn effing genius. Next step: Ice cream with cookie dough AND cookies in it.

  • Mariah Carey January 27, 2009  

    Done and Done. I just gained 5lbs and I’m FINE with it.

  • Yvo January 28, 2009  

    Hey why even break the cookies, just spoon it between two full cookies. Mmm. Cookie.

  • dad gansie January 28, 2009  

    great cookie….ask gansie about all the plain uncooked cookie dough (long plastic tubes) she ate in high school and college…especially in the care pakages we sent her..
    so, when she the green blood ends for her eagles ….cookie dough will follow

    what’s the specially food for half time, four quartrers isn’t enough??

  • miked. January 30, 2009  

    studies show that smoking marijuana leads to sitting around and getting high.

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