A Vote for Condiments

ketchup vs. mustard

If the 2008 elections proved anything, it’s that Americans cannot agree on a lot.  Was Sarah Palin a maverick VP pick? Are we all Joe the Plumber?  Is Ashley Todd, um, well, we can all probably agree on her crazytown antics.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about another important issue today.  It’s something that the food community has been fighting about for decades: a mustard verse ketchup topped hot dog.

Okay, so, ketchup.  Well, to be honest, I just really don’t like ketchup all that much.  But, even when I was a ketchup fan, I always, always used mustard (yellow, dirty, dijon) on a hot dog.  I think it’s part aesthetic: the contrast of the golden mustard over the reddish-hued dog, makes the conglomerate-filled tube seem bright and fresh.  Plus, mustard has the tang that plays nicely with the “meaty” taste.  Ketchup is just more of the same, same color, same flavor.

So, while ESers may vote for whomever they want to lead the nation today, I do hope you’ll vote with me in banning ketchup usage on hot dogs.


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25 thoughts on “A Vote for Condiments

  1. BOTH! Mustard on one side and Ketchup on the other! I do love mustard more – like suck it out of the individual packages love

  2. I have to admit a fervent love for ketchup. I feel like it’s ok to put it on cheap hot dogs; after all, what are hot dogs except a melange of various delectable pig parts? So what if you add a little ketchup with your mustard? Like mustard goes better with intestine?

    I do only put mustard on the finer things in life however, like sausages and brats.

  3. wow. I am shocked – not so much by ketchup’s demise – I can’t stand the stuff – but by the fact that “both” is winning. I had not idea people mix the two.

  4. can you tell SAG and i are related! i was trying to figure out how to best describe my feelings, but my bro really nailed it.

  5. My stomach hurts from this poll… Its ketchup all the way! Mustard is for sausage!!! Ketchup is for hot dogs!

  6. The condiments on my hot dog depend on my mood. In a perfect world I would have two hotdogs. One with ketchup and one with mustard.

    Onions on both…

    and two beers for each dog.

  7. For me, by far the best way to have a hot dog is Dominican street style at 3 in the morning, when the disco closes. The whole thing is done on the grill; hot dog gets sliced open down the middle and grilled, pan de agua gets grilled into crunchy flaky deliciousness, and the they saute up a whole bunch of cabbage with every sauce you can imagine, and slap it all together with mayo , mustard, ketchup and picante. It’s amazing!!!

  8. Late to the party, but I’ve got hot dogs on the mind. Home made beer mustard and chow chow.

    Best Hot Dog Ever.

  9. @scott- only elitists – like the president – eat mustard

  10. me and my bro are having a argunent i say musterd is beter on hot dogs and he says kachup pleas tell me what you use thanks


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