Purple Cauliflower Majesty


Okay, don’t freak out.  But I’m starting to fall in the Liza camp.

It’s so simple and healthy to whip up something containing only veggies and a grain (or an egg), especially in the summer/fall when I can hit up the farmers’ market every weekend.  Meat is, well, kind of a pain in the ass and is one more thing to deal with (and one more thing to buy.) Plus, I feel like I am more creative when I find ways to insert a vegetable as the star of the show.  Yea, 80P bitches about this latest endeavor, but he’s secretly getting into it as well.

I’m not as hard core as Liza, but unknowingly, I probably eat meat only 2 times a week and it’s mostly when I go out or eat with friends.  Seeing a bloody cut of steak absolutely turns me on still.  Don’t worry.

Oh, and I blame Michael Pollan.  Omnivore’s Dilemma seriously fucked me up.  I have a hard time eating meat that was processed in those hell hole slaughter factories. Shit, I’m so brainwashed I don’t even want to buy produce at the Giant up the street.  Which brings me to something I’ve been fretting over recently…what will I do when the farmers’ market closes for the winter?  I can’t even remember how I survived last frost.

But, I’ll end the meat bashing for this week; we don’t want to turn our bacon contingency away.  But there will surely be more on the Pollan phenom, as I’m still figuring out how to process all of this information.

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Purple Cauliflower with Tahini and Feta

I mostly followed KOD’s suggested recipe, save: using funky purple cauliflower (which according to farmer Jaci, has more vitamins than the normal cauliflower); for the tahini sauce, adding in red pepper flakes and thyme (I very much regret not buying that beautiful bunch of parsley at the market); and then topping the dish with toasted pine nuts and crumbled feta.  This was served with her suggested bulgur wheatRoasting cauliflower rocks.

ps–it also happens to be Veggie Month

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  • Maidelitala October 15, 2008  

    I’ve been luke warm on cauliflower ever since my cauliflower mole disaster. This looks delicious, however, and I think I need to come back into the cauliflower fold.
    Also Gansie, I’m wondering why Liza and Michael Pollan get all the credit…. Maybe I’m rubbing off on you too!

  • belmontmedina October 15, 2008  

    Fret not. The Dupont market is open year round, as is Eastern Market. And some of us have frozen goodies we’d be willing to share.

  • gansie October 15, 2008  

    yes, maid, i am continuously inspired by your tangy strips of grilled eggplant

  • Liza October 15, 2008  

    I didn’t mean to steal your thunder Maidelitala!!

    Gansie, this is a BEAUTIFUL dish I’m sooo trying it

  • miked. October 15, 2008  

    tangy strips of eggplant which i typically grill to perfection–not counting those that fall through the cracks of course.

  • dad gansie October 15, 2008  

    gansie..still have a thing for those pine nut!!!!
    purple a nice color, just like your grover doll…bet it was ummie too.

    lisa they were squash in the top pic, right??

  • gansie October 15, 2008  

    hey dad–

    grover is actually blue, but thanks for bringing up my childhood stuffed animal.

    also, yes, the pic for liza’s post showcases yellow squash. i forget the technical name of that breed though. and while i’m on it, that is actually a stock photo from 80P’s collection. yes, ES has stock photos!

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