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80P and I threw together a bit of a last minute party on Friday night. And because I’ve been so busy at work, I wasn’t able to properly plan or shop. But somehow I whipped up three apps just from my pantry and fridge in about an hour or so. Now I know that sounds kinda obnoxious, like, Oh, gansie, come on, you’re a food blogger, of course you can throw together party snacks. But seriously, I was impressed with my own kitchen prowess (my new favorite word.)

While I won’t go into the details of the shit show of a party, (yes, that’s right, we played power hour like a bunch of college kids) I will gladly give an overview of the night’s snacks. If we were encouraging our friends to drink a shot of beer every minute for an hour, we clearly needed to provide snacks to help soak up the PBR.

power hour food dip

Roasted Poblano and Garlic Scape Dip

I made this dip earlier in the week when I was in a cooking mood, but never got around to eating it. I know – crazy. Now I did struggle with this dip a bit. My dip dogma is heat. If there isn’t a certain spiciness or kick I’m not going to bother. I thought the poblano would add enough of a kick, but it was really mellow. And garlic scapes don’t have the bite of garlic, so that didn’t add to the kick factor either. This dip was more of a refreshing feeling, especially scooped up with the cucumbers.

After I roasted and peeled the poblano, I roughly chopped it and threw it in the blender. I added 2 garlic scapes into the blender along with a spoonful of sour cream, about 4 oz of cream cheese, cumin, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The mixture will be fairly thin, so let it firm up in the fridge before serving. I added an extra sprinkling of pepper on top. For the cukes, I thinly sliced them and then cut them in half.

More party recipes post jump

power hour food olives

Rosemary and Garlic Olives

I always have visions of drinking dirty martinis while typing on my laptop, yes, I worship at the alter of Carrie Bradshaw. But, it’s more like me in sweats drinking 3 day old coffee and Britacized water. Basically this means I had a jar of green olives stuffed with pimentos that I had to use up.

I tossed the olives with raw, chopped garlic (2 cloves), some fresh rosemary, coarsely ground black pepper, kosher salt and a touch of extra virgin. I let that sit in the fridge to meld together.

power hour food egg salad

Mustard-Horseradish Egg Salad Toasts

I’ll throw it out there: I’d say that eggs are my favorite thing to eat. So like most households, I always have them on hand. I didn’t want to make deviled eggs because I haven’t perfected how to peel the eggs and with the rough chop of egg salad, I wouldn’t have to worry about looks.

With the chopped hard boiled eggs, I mixed in a grainy dijon mustard and horseradish. My girl Maidelitala can’t handle dairy so I omitted the mayo. (Commercial mayo is dairy, right? And homemade mayo isn’t? Thoughts?) And to be honest, no one even missed the creaminess of the mayo. The combination of the yolks with the mustard and horseradish definitely gave the egg salad the same mouthfeel.

I still have some garlic scapes, so I threw that in for some added color and texture and seasoned the dish with s&p. I let that chill as well and I totally meant to garnish each toast with a few capers, but I had guests to entertain at that point and wanted to get out of the kitchen and forgot at the last minute. For the bread, I simply toasted whole wheat bread and cut it into squares.

And I kept the crust on. Party foul?

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  • Maidelitala June 16, 2008  

    the egg salad was delicious, and staved off the onset of alcohol poisoning, me thinks. I liked the crust on the bread, the egg salad was substantial enough to handle it. Horseradish is a little touch of bitterherb paradise. I’m never going to eat egg salad without it again!
    BTW, the olives were frackin divine.

  • BS June 16, 2008  

    lovely, lovely photos – esp. the olives – what kind of serving dish is that?

  • gansie June 16, 2008  

    i found it at this total junk of a place. somewhere on 14th and R (ish). i forget the name but its like a basement exploded. apparently it used to be for cigarette ashes, but i cleaned it up and use it for food. i have two. their gorgeous.

  • Eick June 16, 2008  

    I’ve been jonesing to do a power hour with someone for like 2 years. Am I gonna have to off JoeHoya to get higher on the ES social ladder?

  • FoodieTots June 17, 2008  

    Wow – I have always wanted to make deviled eggs without the mayo (can’t stand it) — your dijon & horseradish blend sounds fantastic. All three recipes sound great, what lucky friends you have!

  • DAD GANSIE July 11, 2008  

    we do love our gansie

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