Scape Grace: ES S.O.S.


ES super Commenter Nee Nee recently emailed me with the following Garden Emergency:

Remember that summer you visited and we had scapes but no idea what to do with them?  Well, I have 75 garlic plants with scapes now and I need some ideas.  Mr. Nee Nee thinks he hates them.  I think he is crazy.

I’ve already suggested scape scrambled eggs and scape pesto, and I sent Nee Nee the link to Gansie’s  Roasted Poblano and Garlic Scape dip but we need some other ideas or Nee Nee’s scape harvest will go to waste.

Sounds like a job for the ES community, right?

Your scapetastic suggestions for Nee Nee’s late spring bounty PLEASE!

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  • Maids June 15, 2010  

    I also could see homemade sausage spiced with garlic scapes… But I know nothing about sausage…. Any suggestions, recipes?

    Oh also, you know what I would do? Strain yogurt and mix in scapes and salt…. Instant garlic labneh. mmmmmm….

  • Mr. Nee Nee June 15, 2010  

    I think they are good composting material.

  • Missy June 15, 2010  

    I topped a baked potato w/ scape butter last night.

  • kate June 15, 2010  

    i am really enjoying my scape butter. i food processed them, and then sauteed them for a few minutes. then i mixed them into some softened butter, and keep it on the counter. it goes great in everything- and you can freeze it if you have a large quantity.

  • Maids June 15, 2010  

    @Mr. Nee Nee, very clever comment but I don’t understand your issue with garlic scapes… They have the same flavor as garlic just not quite as bitey and easier to use raw…. Please to explain?

    @kate, hey, that gives me an idea – how about garlic scape bread (just like garlic bread but made with scapes rather than with the bulb!)….. Mmmmm sounds tasty.

  • Mr. Nee Nee June 15, 2010  

    Ok Maids…you asked for it. 😉
    The scapes do not taste like the cloves. They do not have any of the sweet flavors or bite that the cloves have (the most important part btw). Instead, the sweetness and bite are replaced by a nasty chlorophyl-like green taste. Blech!

  • gansie June 15, 2010  

    what if you cut them into dice, fry them in a bunch of oil til crispy and then sprinkle over nachos, or use in a taco, burrito or quesadilla.
    frying might get rid of that “nasty chlorophyl-like green taste.”
    and nice to see you on here, mr. nee nee!

  • Liza June 16, 2010  

    The only thing I can come up with is put it in a sauce (pesto or hearty veggie red sauce) and freeze some of it so it will keep (got that tip from gansie)

  • tricky June 16, 2010  

    Is Mr. Nee-Nee one of that bizarre breed that also hates cilantro because he thinks it tastes like soap?

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