First, thank you to all of the ES readers for helping me formulate my 2nd catering gig menu. According to the librarians, the food was a hit!

80P’s mom intro’d me as the “caterer” and it totally cracked me up. Of course, she also slid in the fact that I date her son, but her colleagues actually thought I was a real caterer. And once she divulged the fact that I’m a “published food critic” her guests were all over me, asking me for restaurant reviews of places all across the District. I’d been to some, but luckily, I read enough of Tom to know a general sense of a place I hadn’t dined at yet. But when they asked me the name of my “catering company” I surely told them that I do this just for fun (although Endless Simmer Catering sounds very nice.) Being known as a food professional (even opening up wine bottles, taking empty glasses and discarding used napkins) felt very exciting, I still think I want to stick to blogging for now. Although – I *may* be up for another gig (email me at gansie@endlesssimmer.com)

The food…

I repeated the Chickpea, Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper Crostini – and the second time around worked just as well as the first. Two enhancements: some tahini sauce (extra creaminess) and a bit of finely diced red pepper (extra kick.)

Today’s installment is a new creation. Using JoeHoya’s idea of filling an endive leaf and Edouble’s suggestion of a horseradish/cream cheese spread, I put together an appetizer with 2 variations. Oh, and BS, we did check out your link for hottest new apps, and um, maybe next time.

Lox and Horseradish-Mustard Sauce filled Endive with Avocado or Capers

The sauce:
Mash one package of room temperature cream cheese with 4 oz of sour cream, 3 T of country dijon mustard, 3 T of horseradish, kosher salt, white pepper, lemon zest and lemon juice. To rid the sauce of cream cheese lumps, stir the mixture with a whisk (an 80P discovery.) Fine, I didn’t measure this at all, but I’m guessing for the sake of someone out there wanting to create this tangy and wonderful sauce, I guessed at the ratios. (Another use for sauce, you will have leftovers – see 4th comment down) Set aside.

Cut a sliver of lox – thin and almost as long as the endive – and place on leaf.

Chop scallions to 3/4 the length of the endive, and then crisscross 2 pieces over the lox.

Fill a plastic squirt bottle with the hradish and mustard sauce. In the sink, practice squeezing the bottle to make sure it’s coming out right, and then zigzag the sauce over the lox.

Every other leaf either gets 3 capers or 3 diced avocado cubes.

Eating Tip: Be sure to shove the whole endive leaf in your mouth.

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