You know you’re a foodie when…

poke that yolk

Most people look forward to leftovers because it’s one more day they don’t have to babysit the stove. You know you have an obsession with cooking when you can’t wait to create something new with yesterday’s dinner.

Lazy Sunday night equals delivery Chinese.

Frustrating Monday work-day equals inspiration in the kitchen.

Sunny-side Up Veggie Fried Rice

Slice disks of green squash (or any left over veggie in your fridge) and sauté with some diced onion in a couple dashes of chili oil. Let that brown up. Add your leftover fried rice and some fresh crushed garlic and minced serrano chili. Season with Maggi Seasoning Sauce (or soy sauce) and Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (you’ve seen that clear plastic bottle with the cock on it at many a Chinese restaurant.)

Mix that all up and when it’s to your taste, push everything to one side of the pan. I happened to add some lime butter that 80 Proof made last week as a topping for salmon, but regular butter will obviously work here too. So add butter to the empty side of the pan, and crack an egg. As the egg cooks, start scooping the veggie and rice mixture into a bowl. When the egg is done, lay it over — sunny-side up — on top of the rice. Sprinkle snipped scallions over and add some salt and pepper. S&P is probably not needed, but I just can’t eat an egg with out it. Maybe I’m a foodie…

**We Blog, You Decide**
If you don’t prefer runny eggs, do everything the same, except scramble your eggs. This is probably more genuinely Chinese, anyway. But, I saw the egg sunny-side up over rice and beef –bibim bap — at Mandu, a Korean restaurant in Dupont Circle, so I thought I’d try it.

(Side Note: RE–Sunday dinner. Come football season, by Sunday night I’m passed out drunk, bloated from wings and beer, and either elated from a Birds win or in depression from a loss. There’s not talk of ordering in Chinese.)

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  • BS July 19, 2007  

    look at you, “I happened to have some lime butter” and btw, wtf is lime butter – no explanation 80p?

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