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Trash to Treasure: Apple Peel Roses

Posted by on November 14 2012 in Featured, Holiday, Recipe

It’s the season of apples. Pies, tarts, oatmeal, cider, cake. Magazine and food blogs are chock-full of apple recipes. But what about the peels?

These simple apple peel roses can be brushed with lemon juice (to keep them from browning) and used as a centerpiece at dinner.

Or they can be brushed with butter, sprinkled with brown sugar, and baked to top a cake or cheesecake:

Step 1: Simply peel the apples with an apple peel, trying to keep the peel intact and as long as possible. Don’t worry about the strips being uneven, a little variation makes for a more beautiful rose.

Step 2: Take one end and start to wrap the peel around your finger. When you have wound it completely, tug on the peel while holding on to the bottom of the rose so it tapers out.

Step 3: Place it in a mini muffin tin to hold the shape.

To use as a centerpiece simply place the roses snugly together on a plate so they don’t uncoil.

Or, to bake: place a square of parchment paper under each apple in the mini muffin tin (this will make it way easier to lift them out without damaging them). If you want, place a small chunk of apple flesh in the middle of the rose to help fill it out.  Brush with melted butter or olive oil. Sprinkle with brown sugar.

Bake in the muffin tins at 350F for about 15 minutes, until slightly softened, but not completely brown. They should take on the hue of a dried rose. Place on top of your cheesecake or frosted cake. Eat them (if you have a penchant for apple peels) or simply admire them.

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  1. November 14, 2012

    What an incredible idea, absolutely love this approach to apple peel, so fresh and creative!
    If you don’t mind, I will be glad to host a guest post about this cooking tip on my pages. Please come back with your thoughts ;)

  2. November 14, 2012

    I love these Apple Peel Roses! What a creative way to use an apple!

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