Cocktail O’Clock: A Heated Affair

Now that apple season is officially here (and apple recipes are officially everywhere) it’s just about time for a nice hot cider.  And what hot drink couldn’t be made better with a little tequila?

Jacques Bezuidenhout, brand ambassador for Tequila Partida, sent over this recipe for making your own apple cider, plus a cocktail creation that kicks that cider up quite a few notches.

Heated Affair

2 oz Partida Anejo Tequila
6 oz Hot Spiced Apple Cider
Heavy Cream

Apple Cider Preparation:
In a pot add organic apple juice. Add winter spices like cloves, cinnamon stick, all spice, and orange peel. Start of by adding a few cloves, one cinnamon stick, etc…so as to find the right-spiced apple cider flavor. You can always add more spice later. Bring everything to a low heat for about 15 mins. Taste for flavor. When the desired flavor is reached then take off stove. Strain out all the spices and orange peel.

In a small warm wine glass add Tequila and hot apple cider. Float heavy cream.

Garnish: Grate fresh Nutmeg over cream.

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  • naomi September 8, 2011  

    agreed-everything is better with tequila!

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