What is French Toast, Alex?

french toast

Yup. The title is in the form of a question. The answer is: “The end pieces of a loaf of bread can be successfully used this way.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever really used the end of commercial loaves before. Growing up my mom would always sacrifice and eat them for us which led me to deem them mutants and therefore inedible. But that all changed this weekend.

How could a coating of egg, milk, vanilla extract, honey, salt and cinnamon NOT transform something into deliciousness? I let a few slices—and the mutant slice—sit in that mixture for a few minutes before they were fried in butter. To ensure the mutantness could be hidden even more, I covered the slice in cinnamon-sauteed banana slices and real maple syrup.

Here’s to nose-to-tail eating. Sort of.

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  • Claire January 24, 2011  

    I used this exact ploy yesterday, but added some flour to the mix to disguise the fact that I was serving ends.

  • Mike December 2, 2011  

    That little story about your mom eating the ends of the bread touched my heart. Moms make sacrifices all the time, both big and small.

    I sure miss my momma. I’d give half the rest of my life to have her back for just one day.

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