Pay What You Want


Driving through rural Pennsylvania I came across a great roadside family farmstand. In addition to all of the late summer and fall produce, the warm summer weather has made the apple harvest in the state come a little bit earlier. Think crisp apples with intense sugars.


Especially surprising was the fact that payment at this stand was based on the honor system. There was even a sign saying if an item wasn’t marked, to pay what you wanted. In a world where organic often means more expensive, there is something beautiful about the simplicity.

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  • EvoDiva September 29, 2010  

    I was here! I ended up using that cabbage to make a stew with bacon and caraway seeds – YUM!

  • Roo de Loo September 29, 2010  

    Ah, the honor system. You can drive through many small towns in Vermont and find similar farm stands offering local produce from zucchini and corn in the summer to heirloom squashes this fall. Our local dairy farmer leaves her barn open so customers can come as they please to pick up their weekly milk cans – yes – milk cans!

  • BS September 29, 2010  

    In Mystic, CT, I saw an honor system fish market! The fishermen come in every day and leave their catch, you take what you want and leave your money. pretty amazing. that shit would not fly in NYC.

  • Borracho September 29, 2010  

    Both sound awesome. You guys have me craving dairy and fish though not necessarily together.

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