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Coconut macaroons (above), key lime pie and bread pudding — thanks for all the great recs on what to make with condensed milk! Ariel’s idea deserves a special shout-out:

Put the sweetened condensed milk in a double boiler or place the open can in boiling water, stirring frequently for about an hour (until the milk turns thicker and light, nutty brown). This is the short way to make dulce de leche.


– As far as pie shakes go, Jenna is having none of it:

I still think that sounds disgusting. Pie crust getting all soggy mixed with ice cream? No, no, no. Pie is meant to be pie – crisp crust encasing a sweet and soft fruit filling. A milkshake is meant to be a milkshake – cool ice cream blended with milk and flavoring. Give me a piece of pie a la mode any day over this perversion of both the pie and the milkshake.

But averagebetty is willing to give it a try:

Everything good in life should produce a feeling of uncertainty as “whether to be more wowed or disgusted.” Love it.

What do you think, readers? Is the pie shake pure brilliance or just purely disgusting?

– Speaking of the great disgusting/amazing debate, if you liked our top 10 new foods at the 2010 state fairs, hop over to HuffPo, where you can join a raging debate on the merits of the top 10 state fair foods, and vote on your favorite (cheddar-bacon mashed potatoes, I’m somewhat surprised to report, has a solid lead).

(Photo: policy on rye)

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