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Don’t Stop Sous Vide-ing

Posted by on August 31 2010 in Eggs, Recipe


One last sous vide post for ‘ya!

When we last left our humble SousVide Supreme machine, we had learned that cooking sous vide is not quite as revelatory as Top Chef had led us to believe, although it is pretty darn impressive for cooking meat exactly perfect through every bite. Now you know we weren’t gonna send this bad boy back before finding out how it can handle an egg.

And once again, the answer is “perfectly…if you’ve got all day.”

Set at the correct temperature, the SousVide supreme can cook a soft boiled egg with a perfect, runny center every single time — no more risks of overcooked yolks! The problem is that it takes 45 minutes.

FYI – I took my sous vide egg and threw it over a crispy tostada, topped with some black beans and sriracha sauce, for a sort of crazy play on juevos rancheros.

We tried out a few hard-boiled eggs too, and while they took an hour, every egg was indeed cooked perfectly — with a beautiful yellow yolk, no graying whatsoever. So, if it’s breakfast for one, the SousVide Supreme seems a little inconvenient. But if you’re having a crazy soft-boiled egg party, or have to make egg salad for your entire extended family, then this guy is your best friend.

Sous Vide Cookie Dough
The Sous Vide Supreme

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