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– Glad to hear you ESers share my frustration about music on restaurant websites. Michael:

This goes, I think, for almost any website: I just want the information, I do not want some screaming, flashing crap that takes 3 minutes (or even 30 seconds!) to load. But you’re right, the restaurant biz seems to be an especially major offender. I won’t link them, but basically pick any place in Atlanta with a number in its name.

Brad is on board with meat cocktails:

Why not seems like its a normal part of carnivore evolution, it’s all going to the same place anyway, why not be creative about it. Thanks for shoing something different and thought provoking.

But erica won’t go there:

i would like to be the first person to say “gross”. also i would like to be pre-emptively grossed out at the following items in mixed drinks: bread products, breakfast cereal, electronics, clothing items, writing utensils, and oils of any variety.

– And ESers, not surprisingly, have plenty of advice for a new vegetarian. Nick:

Work your way through the bulk grain section at your local store. There’s tons of grains there like quinoa, plus not standard pastas like orzo, and tons of beans.

Just pick one out once a week and learn how to cook with it. Pretty soon you’ll be mixing and matching grains with pastas and veggies and dressings and you won’t miss the meat.

Ok. You might miss bacon. But that’s standard.

You could also just not become a vegetarian, but learn more about how to buy meat responsibly and eat less of it in general.

Keep the ideas coming!

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  • erica May 7, 2010  

    well see, then you go and make it look all classy. nice work, ES!

  • erica May 7, 2010  

    or, i should say, “well played”.

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