In the Mix: Meat Cocktails


Cocktails with beets, mole and okra not crazy enough for you? We didn’t think so.

Fortunately, the good folks over at TIME have alerted us to a burgeoning new trend: meattails. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound right. Mocktails? No, that’s something else. Anyway, they’re cocktails. With booze. But also with meat. What’s not to like?

We already knew about the glory of bacon cocktails (obv.), but who knew that mixologists have also been getting creative with beef jerky, sausage and even chicken stock? Awesome.

Check out more meat cocktails over at TIME.

You all seen any other meattails? (Sorry, looks like that one stuck).

(Photo: TIME)

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4 thoughts on “In the Mix: Meat Cocktails

  1. i would like to be the first person to say “gross”. also i would like to be pre-emptively grossed out at the following items in mixed drinks: bread products, breakfast cereal, electronics, clothing items, writing utensils, and oils of any variety.

  2. Hash House a Go Go in Las Vegas has a Bloody Mary with a strip of smoked bacon in it. It was delicious.

  3. Why not seems like its a normal part of carnivore evolution, it’s all going to the same place anyway, why not be creative about it. Thanks for shoing something different and thought provoking.

  4. They have a recipie for a meat cocktail, like this one, in the book: This is Why You’re Fat. It’s really interesting if your a foodie..

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