Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: When Doves Fry


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– If Mario Batali served you a dove that he killed himself, would you eat it?  Neil Patrick Harris would.

Ben Roethlisberger got dropped from his food endorsement deal.  That’s OK…I prefer my jerky with a little less alleged assault.

After the jump…Top Chef meets Red Shoe Diaries (?) a Jersey food/reality show head scratcher and Chef Art is ready to tie the knot.

– Gael Greene’s rather adventurous life is being made into a television series for Starz.  You’ll never look at those hats the same way again.

– Some dipshit from The Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming out with a cookbook, but I guess that’s not as bad as Robin Leach, right?

– Chef Art Smith is engaged to be married.  I just want to be invited so I’m in the audience when Oprah pops up out of her seat and tells us all we’re getting a car.  “You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car…”

(photo: icefire2005)

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