Wedding. Bonfire. S’mores.

Think wedding. What do you see? Champagne? Kisses?  Bon Jovi medleys?

My friends think bonfire.

Simmer friends Tim and Alice married on the Chesapeake Bay this past weekend. After the reception, but before the hot tub session, we built a fire on the beach. Obviously a fire doesn’t turn into a party until the food arrives. Cue s’mores kits. These all-in-one tubes easily bring together the elements of s’more making: marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and sticks.

And the fact that everything is bundled together makes one less thing the bride and groom need to worry about.

(Photo: GeekAlerts)

When “I Do” Is Delicious: Food Bloggers’ Weddings

It’s that time of year again when all of your hard-earned vacation days are spent traveling around the world for other people’s weddings. But if you’re lucky enough to be friends with a food blogger, well then that $600 flight to South Dakota just might be worth it.

These days no one expects good food at weddings. I know to fill up on cheese, crackers and something sparkling during the cocktail hour because who knows how much of the dinner (besides that pumpernickel roll with butter, and my boyfriend’s pad of butter) will be worth consuming.

From a wedding reception I expect:

  • Free booze (with the bar open the whole night, not closed during the speeches, like I’ve unfortunately encountered before);
  • A first dance by the couple (or bride-father/groom-mother/bride-brother) that will make me tear up;
  • And some kick ass music. Plus, I want to see the bride dance to either Single Ladies or Like a Virgin/Like a Prayer. Something wonderfully inappropriate.

Okay, sorry. I have too many opinions from attending too many weddings. As you can see, though, I no longer even expect to eat something fantastic. But that was because I’ve never been invited to a food blogger’s wedding. Check out these drool-worthy feasts from true food lovers.

Five Delicious Food Bloggers’ Weddings

Orangette: Molly Wizenberg and Brandon Pettit

Menu highlights

  • Quartered apricots wrapped in prosciutto and grilled, served on thin toasts with herbed chevre (above)
  • Housemade fingerling potato chips with rosemary lemonade
  • Alderwood-smoked sockeye salmon with nectarine-serrano salsa or fresh herbs

(Photo and full menu: Orangette)

The Bitten Word: Clay Dunn and Zachary Patton

Menu highlights:

  • Soup shots, featuring sweet pea with Thai basil, roasted corn and mushroom with homemade bacon (above)
  • 36-hour smoked pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with homemade pickle and slaw
  • Ratatouille spoons with lime-poached shrimp

(Photo and full menu: The Bitten Word)

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: When Doves Fry


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– If Mario Batali served you a dove that he killed himself, would you eat it?  Neil Patrick Harris would.

Ben Roethlisberger got dropped from his food endorsement deal.  That’s OK…I prefer my jerky with a little less alleged assault.

After the jump…Top Chef meets Red Shoe Diaries (?) a Jersey food/reality show head scratcher and Chef Art is ready to tie the knot.

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